Free Digital Menu and Package Order Program for Small Businesses

Free orders to small businesses
Free orders to small businesses

Stating that they have implemented a free digital menu and takeaway program for small businesses, Kemal Oral, CEO of Elektraweb, said, "We wanted to contribute to the food and beverage industry that we have been serving for 25 years." said. Oral explained the details of the system on Endustro Radio.

Oral Industry Radio speaking, online is implemented with significant investment in the system, at a time of over 500 thousand small food and drink businesses in Turkey expressed that it is difficult to transition to these systems, especially Covidien-19 period, online sales and to support the business due to the increase in orders stated that they are working.


Saying that small businesses can take online orders and follow up with the technological development called 'Bi Order', Oral gave information about the system. Oral “We can think of it as a pledge of loyalty and social responsibility project. We do not want to gain anything from restaurants and cafes in this difficult period. For this reason, we offer this online ordering and digital menu application to all our restaurants free of charge. We want them to survive and to receive direct orders without paying commission to anyone in the most prestigious and functional way without getting tired. Therefore, they can upload all their infrastructure investments to the program using Turkcell data center and mobile phones. " said.


Saying that businesses can only take photos of their products and enter their information on their mobile phones on the same day, even if they do not have a computer, Oral stated that online orders will be started by making a virtual pos application. Oral emphasized that some of its partners also enable businesses to receive online payments and complete the virtual pos application process.

Stating that was developed for businesses working in the hospitality sector such as restaurants, cafes, beaches and social facilities, Oral said that the digital menu part cannot be used because the businesses are currently closed under the covid-19 measures, only online orders can be taken.



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