Custom Threat Intelligence Reporting for the Automotive Industry from Kaspersky

Special threat intelligence reporting for the automotive industry from kaspersky
Special threat intelligence reporting for the automotive industry from kaspersky

Kaspersky announced that it has made customized threat intelligence (TI) reporting for the automotive industry, previously available only to a select range of customers, to the automotive industry as a whole. The company's TI reports allow automakers to analyze industry-specific security threats in depth and identify methods that can be used by malicious actors to develop attacks against vehicles, connected vehicle infrastructures and other vehicle-related systems.

Many of the cases encountered show the great interest in safety in the automotive industry. From independent researchers and automotive enthusiasts to cybercriminals, the focus of security in automotive has shifted from the security of embedded devices to the overall safety of vehicles. This has led to an increase in attack techniques and the emergence of new legal requirements that manufacturers must comply with to protect against them.

The Kaspersky Automotive TI service helps organizations, from vehicle manufacturers to suppliers, to stay up to date on safety issues that could affect the automotive industry and allow them to take appropriate corrective action in a timely manner. This specific service is designed to identify existing and emerging threats to in-vehicle components and connected vehicle infrastructure.

Each report provides an overview and analysis of technological trends related to cyberattacks in the automotive industry, such as cyber incidents, recent security studies, conferences, speeches, community forums, as well as information about possible attack vectors targeting back-end services for vehicles. The report includes executive summary, threat disclosures and recommendations, as well as OEM-customized high-risk activity and vulnerability notifications.

If the TI report finds a threat that needs to be resolved urgently, the customer is immediately notified.

“The increasing number of technological components in modern vehicles not only impose compliance with current and future legal requirements,” said Sergey Zorin, Head of Kaspersky Transport System Security. At the same time, it also requires knowledge of possible attacks against all electronic components in the vehicle, especially the electronic control unit. At Kaspersky, we provide relevant threat intelligence and do our part to help automakers manage these concerns. ”

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