İzmit Pirelli Factory Qualified for Zero Waste Certificate

Provided XNUMX% waste recycling in pirelli izmit
Provided XNUMX% waste recycling in pirelli izmit

Pirelli Turkey, have been providing 100% waste recycling in the production facility in Izmit. In addition, it fulfilled all the criteria in the Zero Waste Regulation determined by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and was awarded a 'Zero Waste Certificate'.

Turkey in 60 years, exceeding production history with the country's economy a significant contribution in the present tire giant Pirelli Turkey, fulfilling the criteria of the Environment and Urban Planning Ministry's Zero Waste Regulations, "Zero Waste Document" was the owner's. Besides, Turkey has enabled Pirelli 100% waste recycling at production facilities.

The company, including the Izmit Pirelli Factory, which is one of Pirelli's major production centers around the world, is carrying out important work in the field of sustainability in production centers around the world. While Pirelli works to minimize the environmental impact of the tire during production and use, it acts in line with globally determined targets in environmental impact, energy and water consumption and waste management with the same responsibility at its production facilities.

In line with all these efforts, the company is the sustainability leader of the global automotive equipment industry in the Dow Jones World and European indices. Pirelli also aims to reduce direct and indirect carbon emissions by 2025% by 25, while continuing to work with the goal of reducing CO2 emissions related to raw material supply by 9%.

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