Istanbul Meets New Generation Libraries

istanbul meets with new generation libraries
istanbul meets with new generation libraries

IMM realizes its project that changes the traditional library understanding. In addition to the rich book collections, libraries that will operate as cultural and educational centers are being brought to Istanbul. Within the scope of the project, which is planned to be opened in 2021 neighborhoods in 20, the preparations at Sultangazi Ahmed Arif Public Library are at the final stage. From pocket scene youtubeThe new generation library, which offers opportunities for those who want to improve their knowledge and creativity, from r studios, workspaces to software workshops, is planned to be put into service soon.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) brings together 20 disadvantaged neighborhoods with new generation libraries that have problems in accessing social facilities. Next to the book; Classrooms, courses and libraries built with technological infrastructure are put into service. The first example of the project, which will operate as a cultural and educational center and equipped with many facilities beyond the traditional library understanding, is named after the great poet Ahmed Arif, who says "with a durable book" in his lines. Sultangazi Ahmed Arif Public Library, whose preliminary work started at the end of 2020 by the IMM Department of Cultural Heritage, is being prepared for opening.


The library, which is planned to be opened in the coming days, will serve as a multi-purpose cultural and educational space. Young people living in Sultangazi district and its vicinity; Designed as a suitable place for exam preparation, reading books and cultural education activities, the building will also offer many opportunities to those who want to improve their creativity. The Sultangazi Ahmed Arif Public Library, which offers music and painting courses, drama and theater training, will also feature digital software workshops and video-art courses, which have attracted great interest from young people in recent years. In the library building that will meet a great need of the district; pocket stage, theater workshop, children's workshop, children's library (6-11 years old), barrier-free library, reading areas, study areas, software workshop, digital library, youtuber studios, seminar-meeting area and multi-purpose workshops. Many instructors and volunteers who are experts in their fields will take part in the workshops at the library. In addition, the Employment Office, developed by IMM to reduce unemployment in Istanbul, will also take place.

Sultangazi Ahmed Arif Public Library has a reading area for 167 people in total and 13 thousand 420 books in its collection. The 8-storey library consists of a total area of ​​258 square meters. There is a 60-person conference hall on the terrace of the building. Designed for multi-purpose service, this area has the capacity to allow events such as conferences, panels and seminars.


The library points, which are aimed to be opened to 20 different neighborhoods by the end of the year, were determined as a result of the strategy study carried out with the Istanbul Planning Agency Statistics Office, and a strategy was created with an innovative approach. Going beyond the traditional library understanding, the project adopted a participatory, interactive-oriented approach that takes into account the needs of the local.

With the project, it is aimed to realize the libraries that continue to work in line with the demands of the residents. It is planned to support the education of children and young people on the one hand, and to do a wide range of activities in areas such as drama, music, fine arts, digital software workshops, video-art and editing studios. It is desired to create socialization areas where young people, who are encouraged to creativity, can develop their skills in different fields.

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