International Success from High School Students

International article success from high school students
International article success from high school students

Two scientific articles prepared by Hisar Schools high school students won the right to be published in an international scientific journal. "Open Schools Journal for Open Science" magazine; The first peer-reviewed publication in Europe to accept students' original articles on science, engineering and technology. As part of the article preparation, firstly, the counselors attended the international webinar “Publishing Scientific Articles with Your Students” organized by the European Innovation Academy.

He wrote a scientific formula using frequencies from the sound of water 

Grade 12 student Yağmur A. combined her interest in mathematics and physics with the piano she played since her childhood, creating a creative project. Working on the frequencies of sounds, the student wrote a function in terms of water level that could be adapted to all frequencies using the frequencies extracted by certain water levels in glasses with the experiment he conducted. The formula written by the student is good enough to help design a musical instrument.

Examined student motivation in the distance education process

Examining the attitude of high school students towards the distance education model applied at Hisar Schools during the pandemic period, 12th grade student Lara N. conducted a survey with her peers. Findings from three online questionnaires examining students' 'timely completion of homework', 'communication with teachers',' access to school resources' and other 'learning activities'; revealed that high school students have a positive attitude towards the distance education practices of Hisar Schools and they want to plan their home work independently of the individual working hours offered to them.

The variety of opportunities offered at an early age prepares students for a life journey 

Hisar Schools High School Principal Okan Uzelli: “Hisar Schools aims to discover and reveal the true potential of children in their education life from kindergarten to the last year of high school. One of the essentials of good education; We believe it is hidden in identifying areas where students are susceptible at an early age, providing as many opportunities as possible to prepare them for life. With the Culture and Art Center, Sports Fields, Innovation Center, Writing Skills Center, Computer and Science Laboratories, Mechatronics Workshop, "İdeaLab" workshops, Multimedia Laboratory and Eureka Research Laboratory in our school, we offer every student a scientific or social area where they can improve themselves.

We quickly adapted to the distance education process, which became compulsory with the pandemic in March. We integrated all units that nurture students' creativity and scientific thinking skills into this process as soon as possible. In this way, in addition to continuity in teaching, we have ensured that our students continue their academic and social productivity, which we attach great importance to in our school. At the same time, during the distance education period, we shared all our academic and intellectual resources with the education community in an "open source" format, contributing to the solidarity needed in education in this difficult period. Our performance in distance education has reached a qualified and successful point thanks to the voluntary and willing cooperation of our students as well as technology, devoted educators. Our High School Science Department Physics teacher Erkan Çermik, who guided them in the success of our students' studies and articles at the level of publication in international journals, also has a great effort, we congratulate all of them wholeheartedly and hope to set an example to students who are interested in science in other schools with this study.


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