International Elevator Istanbul Fair to be Held on 7-10 July

international elevator istanbul fair will be held in july
international elevator istanbul fair will be held in july

Tarsus Turkey Fuarcılık announced that the opening date of the International Elevator Istanbul Fair, which is one of the 3 largest specialized fairs in the world and organized with the support of AYSAD (Elevator and Escalator Industrialists Association), has been changed.

Zekeriya Aytemur, General Manager of Tarsus Turkey, made statements about the organization whose new dates are set as July 7-10, 2021; “As the new date we have chosen for the Elevator Istanbul Fair will coincide with a period when postponed demands turn to purchases, right after the pandemic has been largely under control, all our exhibitors will find unique trade opportunities both domestically and abroad,” he said. Description of the pandemic process, the global supply chain also Aytemur underlines that led to major changes, of not dependent on a single country in the procurement period that they began to have become a strategic decision, said these developments from the manufacturer and exporter company in Turkey with that bring new benefits. Aytemur emphasized that companies participating in Asansör Istanbul in this process can find solid places in their renewed supply chains.

Tuyap Beylikdüzü, Turkey's leading companies with a global brand lift the exhibition brings together every two years, successfully organized the outset to be both in Turkey closely followed around the world who share the knowledge of their process Zekeriya Aytemur, General Manager of Tarsus Turkey“In recent months, it has become predictable that the pandemic effect will be limited, with the start of vaccination in many countries around the world and a significant vaccination rate before the summer months. The International Air Transport Association IATA also announced the details of its new study for safe travel. After all these developments, we will most likely enter a different atmosphere in the summer of 2021. In order to guarantee the success of the Asansör Istanbul 2021 Fair, we decided to hold our fair in July, taking the opinions of our stakeholders and AYSAD, instead of organizing it in March ”.

Aytemur; "2021 will be the year of opportunities for the elevator industry"

In his statement, “In times of such global scale crises, companies have different short and long term strategies. On the other hand, businesses that determine the right strategy hold a stronger place in the market after the crisis. Taking part in the 2021 fair will bring Asansör Istanbul participants to a stronger position in the local and international markets in the short and long term ”, Aytemur said that as Tarsus Turkey, they are ready for the fair in July. In addition to the global visitor studies they started to carry out, especially in Europe and MENA regions, right after the Asansör Istanbul Fair in 2019, they also launched the Overseas Buyer Program, which they previously implemented in other Tarsus Turkey fairs and achieved very successful results, as the first in Asansör İstanbul. Sharing the knowledge of what they will implement once, Aytemur; "These programs, buy high budget have direct purchasing authority abroad Almacen, Elevator Istanbul with participants, will come to Turkey to make verbatim trade talks at the fair. On the other hand, our buyers will have the chance to see the newest products of hundreds of domestic and foreign companies, meet new suppliers, follow the latest developments in the sector and meet one-on-one with the world's biggest in one of the world's most important elevator fairs. In summary, the meeting in 2021 will present unique trade opportunities to the entire elevator industry, ”he said.

Those who want to get detailed information about the 17th International Elevator Istanbul Fair, where faster, smarter and safer elevator technologies will be exhibited together, to participate in the fair or to be a visitor. They can visit the address.

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