Reduced Electricity Period Begins

Discount electricity period begins
Discount electricity period begins

The Energy Market Regulatory Authority (“EMRA”) determined the Eligible Consumer Limit, which was 2020 kWh in 1.400, as 2021 kWh for 1.200. Consumers with an annual electricity consumption of 1.200 kWh or more will be eligible to become an Eligible Consumer and use discounted electricity. Made in Turkey with this change, approximately 2,7 million consumers have acquired the right of consumers to be more free.

Ekvator Enerji, which grows rapidly in the energy sector, offers businesses the opportunity to save electricity costs with its "Reduced and Fixed Price Electricity Not Increased for 1 Year" campaign. With this campaign, Ekvator Enerji offers a discount on the National Tariff Active Energy Unit Price and provides a discount and fixed price guarantee to its Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural Irrigation customers in return for a 12-month commitment.

In the statement shared with the public, Ekvator Enerji General Manager Yaşar BAYDAŞ stated that they started a campaign for the customers of the Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural Irrigation subscribers whose monthly electricity consumption was 1.200 kWh and above, and discounted active energy offered to the Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural Irrigation subscribers He noted that the cost will be kept constant for 12 months and will not be affected by possible increases in the electricity tariff.

Ecuador Energy General Manager Yaşar BAYDAŞ, who called upon the subscribers of Commerce, Industry and Agricultural Irrigation to benefit from the discounted electricity opportunity, expressed his opinions and suggestions on the subject as follows: They will be able to benefit from the discounted electricity opportunity. Our energy sales consultants visit businesses and offer free consultancy services and savings solutions, as well as make discount electricity agreements with businesses that want to benefit from discounted electricity. Relevant consumers who want to benefit from the discount, They can fill out the application form by visiting our website or get detailed information from our call center at 0850 840 3600. "

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