Good News to Turkcell Users from Everything in the Office!

good news to turkcell users from everything in the office
good news to turkcell users from everything in the office

Wishing to make a new and hopeful start to 2020 by erasing the bad memories of 2021, which has been struggling with difficulties and pandemics, Everything at the Office offers a good start to 2021 with its campaign for Turkcell subscribers.

Located in the business life of the central Levent, office, business life and architecture sectors, which will open the door to a new era in Turkey-based venture project offices in each Well, the new year, to erase the traces of 2020 and users will smile on the faces of the customers in order to show that at all times with campaigns is starting.

Promising to be much more than a showroom with its inviting, lively and carefully created spaces, Everything in the Office offers 20% discount to Turkcell users on all office furniture belonging to leading brands in the office and workspace world, which can be used in different space solutions.

To benefit from the advantageous world of Everything at Office, which offers an integrated office experience full of innovations, all you have to do is visit the Office of Everything in Levent, the center of business life. With 20% discount on all office furniture, your office furniture awaits you at the Office of Everything.

It is time to leave the bad days behind with your old furniture and start the year 2021 with your new furniture!

Campaign end date: 01.03.2021

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