China Conducts Smart Highway Trials Talking With Driverless Vehicles

Talking to gin with unmanned cars, smart highway trials
Talking to gin with unmanned cars, smart highway trials

The Chinese Huawei Group is developing a smart highway capable of communicating with driverless transportation vehicles. In this way, the country will have a more fluid and safer traffic pattern. Tests on the new highway are being conducted on a highway dedicated to self-driving vehicles in a region in Jiangsu province. The four-kilometer smart road section used for these tests was designed by Huawei.

According to the news in Bloomberg, he explains that the vehicles will receive traffic information through receivers, cameras, radars and other equipment, lights and signaling signs that are integrated into the road (or integrated into the roadway). The Smart Roads project receives national support in China and aims to increase safety on highways and streamline traffic. On the other hand, Huawei's aim is to inform driverless vehicles, drivers and pedestrians in real time about traffic, weather conditions and potential hazards. China predicts that up to 2025 percent of cars to be sold by 50 will be equipped with a certain degree of automation of control.

Source: China International Radio

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