Signatures Signed for 47 Million Euro Train Sets to Work in GAZIRAY Line

Million Euro Train Sets To Work On The GAZIRAY Line
Million Euro Train Sets To Work On The GAZIRAY Line

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) will breathe the city's transport in cooperation GAZİRAY suburbs to work in Metro Line 47 million Euro''Luk domestic and Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Adil Karaismailoğlu for national 8 electric train set intake, Minister of Justice Abdul Hamid A protocol signing ceremony was held with the participation of Gül, Metropolitan Mayor Fatma Şahin and Gaziantep Governor Davut Gül.

It will greatly ease Gaziantep's transportation and will bring innovation to the city's metropolitan identity. kazanThe signing ceremony for the purchase of 8 electrified train sets for the GAZİRAY Project, which will continue, took place at the Assembly Meeting Hall. The protocol was signed by Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu, Minister of Justice Abdulhamit Gül, Metropolitan Mayor Fatma Şahin, Gaziantep Governor Davut Gül, Gaziantep AK Party Members of Parliament Mehmet Erdoğan, Müslüm Yüksel, Derya Bakbak, Mehmet Sait Kirazoğlu, MHP Gaziantep MPs Sermet Atay, Muhittin Taşdoğan. , AK Party Gaziantep Provincial President Eyüp Özkeçeci, TÜRASAŞ General Manager Mustafa Metin Yazar and Metropolitan Municipality council members.

Within the scope of the protocol signed, a great progress was made with 47 electric train sets with 8 wagons with 32 million Euros to be commissioned in the project carried out under the responsibility of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, TCDD and Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality. GAZIRAY Project, which brings Gaziantep one step closer to increasing the comfort level in transportation and environmentally friendly transportation targets, will connect the city center and all the organized industrial and GATEM regions of the city on the East-West axis and serve the citizens as a 25-kilometer rail system suburban line. The train set, which will consist of 120 vehicles with an operating speed of 4 kilometers, will carry a thousand passengers in total. GAZIRAY, which has 16 stations, will also allow high-speed train travel with 3 main stations connected to the suburban project. Turkey's domestic and national intra-city commuter train, described as gaziray 190 thousand people move daily in transportation is expected.


Speaking at the signing ceremony, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu said, “We are here for a very important cooperation between TÜRASAŞ and the Metropolitan Municipality, our apple of the eye, which makes domestic production to be used for the GAZİRAY Project, which is of great importance for our city today. As the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, we have been working all over our country for 18 years. This enterprising culture has brought us to the point of establishing dominance over the world's commercial corridors and as a logistical superpower in our region. Turkey has come to these days with the leadership and vision of our President. Today, as soon as you enter a city in Anatolia, it is possible to tell which municipality is in administration because of the order, cleanliness, development and heritage of that city. Because in our tradition, the way to success is to be with the people and to listen to their needs. Municipalism is to determine the needs of the people well and to give priority to meeting what they want. Praise be to, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality is managed with an understanding of municipality that has this horizon and has achieved success. As the government and the municipality, we implement many projects together. After Marmaray in Istanbul, İZBAN in İzmir, Başkentray in Ankara, GAZİRAY was established to provide modern suburban services to Gaziantep residents in the comfort of metro. kazanWe experience the excitement and happiness of climbing. This project was carried out in cooperation with Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD. It is a giant investment of 2.3 billion liras and will bring a breath of fresh air to the traffic by combining the city center and 2 industrial zones. TÜRASAŞ, which submitted the most advantageous offer in the international tender for the design, supply and installation of 32 electric train sets consisting of 8 vehicles to be used in GAZİRAY by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality kazanwas. Our national institution kazanIt is a separate source of joy and pride that it is made by using local resources. It reveals our own technological know-how and experience. The production cost of the sets made for GAZİRAY is 47 million Euros. The train set, which will consist of 120 vehicles with an operating speed of 4 kilometers, will carry a total of XNUMX passengers. GAZİRAY has a great duty and responsibility to bring it to life. We have cooperated with our citizens with the idea of ​​'Let people live so that the state can live'. We are the hope of our children for tomorrow. We are the ones who stand against the world with courage," he said.


Minister of Justice Abdülhamit Gül, GAZİRAY Project to Gaziantep kazanExpressing that they are happy to be re-elected, he said, “We are very proud of doing everything we say to our compatriots in all elections. Our Metropolitan Mayor is someone who works day and night as the elder sister of this city in a great sacrifice. Today, we are signing off on a project in which we have received the fruit of this work. I also thank him on behalf of our city. Despite the epidemic, Gaziantep was among the top 5 in exports. Our desire here is how we can contribute to the country, how we become bread and salt, we have a spirit that shares our bread by saying 'The table has a broken table', that spins the wheels of industry with the logic of 'We multiply when we share, abundance increases', and that shopkeepers open their shops. Under the leadership of our President and with the support of the central government, we have made very important signatures in local administration. More than 40 billion dollars were invested in Gaziantep during the AK Party Era, and they continue. When we went and told our fellow citizens of Gazi, the instruction of our President said, 'Do it immediately, whatever is needed for our Gazi city is worthy of the best'. There used to be a black train, now the high-speed train has arrived. This vision of our government in transportation and infrastructure is really important to us.”


Making the opening speech of the project regarding the protocol signing ceremony, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin stated that every signature is a success and a result and emphasized that the central administration, especially President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, has a great support in the GAZIRAY Project. Şahin continued his speech as follows: “All our problems in Ankara are coming to an end immediately. With the protocol signed, new Cezeris and new Hezarfen will be raised. This is not a tram work. There is a large design and R&D center. We went to Ankara after the whole Assembly came together. A treasury guarantee was required to speed things up in the Islamic Development Fund. We went to our President and solved our affairs. Wherever we were stuck, our affairs were resolved under the leadership of our Minister of Justice. We are also very confident in the engineering, practicality and municipalism of our Transport and Infrastructure Minister. Today, we will do this for an environmentally friendly, comfortable and safe transportation network. There is an OIZ that carries 4 thousand worker services per day and employs 200 thousand people. Transportation with services does not suit us. Times have changed. We will achieve this when we receive people's prayers. I believe that when these works are over, when time and life run out, we will realize the claim of our late Necmettin Erbakan teacher, the horizon of the late Turgut Özal. More importantly, we will sign the stance that our President said, 'We will either stop or die' here. We are the grandchildren of Şahinbey and Martyrs. Our children will boast of us. We did this job with great effort that Ulasim AS. The whole team worked, especially. We could not have achieved this without this infrastructure and team. "

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