The Target in Gaziantep is 150 Kilometers Bicycle Path

target kilometer bike path in gaziantep
target kilometer bike path in gaziantep

Work continued for the 150-kilometer bicycle path line, the project of which was prepared by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, and 2020-kilometer bicycle paths to the city, including 28,5. kazanyelled.

Accelerating the concept of "Sports Friendly City" in the Pandemic Process kazanTo solve the transportation problem brought by the increasing population, to create a contactless, social distance, noiseless, environmentally friendly, healthy city profile and to bring sports activities to daily life. kazanAs of August 2020, Abdulkadir Aksu Boulevard, Vehbi Dinçerler Boulevard and Fevzi Çakmak Boulevard were included in the bike paths that are currently under construction, and a 2-meter bicycle path was made ready for use. Thus, a total of 200 kilometers of bicycle path to the city. kazanhas been raised.

On the other hand, it is determined that an average of 2020 thousand people who prefer to stay away from the heavy traffic of the city are using bicycles in 100, and it is estimated that the bicycle as a means of transportation will become popular among the vehicles preferred in the city of Gazi with the widespread use of bicycle routes in the city.

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