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FXNAK Logistics

commercial relations between Turkey and Germany is not the day to day transport sector. From Turkey regularly Shipping to germany providing services, FXNAK Logistics offers partial, complete truck, frigo, flat box, lowbed (heavy transport) solutions. Among the German Transporters operating in the international transportation sector of Germany, it has made a name in the sector as a corporate logistics company that has fulfilled ISO 9001 and ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction System Certificates, TIO (Transport Affairs Organization) certificate and working conditions in accordance with international standards. Shipping to germany It delivers your cargo to the destination in a short time with both land and RORO solutions. As your transport solution partner in Germany, it offers the right solutions to your logistics needs at the right time.

FXNAK Logistics Germany Transport Services

Project Transportation: Performing logistics activities in the construction sector, factory establishment, machine terminal installation works FXNAK Logistics Germany transportation and also from Turkey Logistics companies engaged in Germany import transport has an important position among.

Complete Truck Transport: Germany to complete t carry our burden of firms that receive the address from Turkey have been making a delivery address in Germany.

Germany Partial Shipping: We offer partial transportation services in Germany within our road truck transportation and RORO services. Our regular car imports from Turkey and Germany to Turkey from all regions and all regions of Germany are offering partial shipping service. For long years Germany partial truck shipping we offer the service.

Germany Import and Transit Shipping: We deliver your Germany-destined cargoes with transit third country shipping to Iraq, Iran, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar, Dubai, Syria (Cilvegözü, Öncüpınar), Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia.

Germany Frigo Shipping: cold chain products in the refrigerated shipping service from Germany to Turkey and from Turkey to Germany are delivered to their destination as soon as possible and on time. Refeer Germany has been serving with our expertise and experience for many years in shipping.

Germany Out of Gauge Loading: 13,60 T Tilt is safe except for release, taking delivery of our low car from Germany or Turkey Country 3. We make delivery address. exports from Turkey oversize cargo loader or we will deliver your safe release to address Germany.

As your Germany transportation solution partner, FXNAK Logistics offers the right service with its professional team.

Who is FXNAK Logistics?

FXNAK Logistics and Foreign Trade Ltd., which was founded by experienced managers in the logistics sector for many years. Şti. It is a company that carries out corporate logistics activities with TIO (Transport Affairs Organization) Certificate, ISO 9001, ISO 10002, Trademark Registration Certificate. It offers global logistics solutions with its Dubai Office and international agency network.

Source: https://fxnak.com.tr

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