Environmentally Friendly Campus for Public Transport from Mersin Metropolitan

for public transportation from big city to mersin environment friendly settlement
for public transportation from big city to mersin environment friendly settlement

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality continues its efforts to create an environmentalist Mersin under the leadership of Mayor Vahap Seçer. Aiming to ease transportation and respond to citizens' route requests in a shorter time, Metropolitan has purchased 73 environmentally friendly CNG-fueled buses in this context. In addition to the natural gas-fueled vehicles to be delivered in the near future, work on the Public Transport Campus, which is prepared as a transportation hub for other municipal buses, continues.

Every detail was considered in the campus, from filling stations to resting areas

Academic consultancy services are also obtained from universities for the Public Transport Campus, which is carried out in the partnership of the Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science, Studies and Projects and Transportation Department and continues to work in an idle area in the north of MEŞOT in Toroslar District. The land area is 67 thousand 837 square meters and the building area is 8 thousand 416 square meters. it will become a transport hub. Ground strengthening and field improvement works are carried out in the field by technical teams affiliated to the Department of Science.

Environmentally friendly vehicles will be filled at this facility

A filling station for 2021 natural gas-fueled buses to be delivered in 73 will be located in this facility. President Seçer emphasizes that natural gas-fueled vehicles are both environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient, and they attach great importance to the work in this field. Giving information about the facility to be built in Toroslar District, Mayor Seçer said, “We had a 40 million lira campus project that we started this year. We will build a filling facility for CNG vehicles in it, ”he said.

The project with an area of ​​79 acres

İbrahim Can Değerli, who worked as a Civil Engineer at Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Affairs, stated that he was carrying out the duty of controlling the ground reinforcement and field works of the Public Transport Campus and said, “According to the Public Transport Campus project, CNG, compressed natural gas and fuel station, vehicle washing areas, fleet There will be buildings with sheds to be used as a center, workshop buildings and warehouse. Ground improvement works and field works are carried out within the scope of this work, whose tender is made and the contract is carried out by our Department of Engineering. The CNG and fuel station work and the other buildings I mentioned will be made within the scope of tenders to be held within a program ”.

"Dynamic compaction application is made as a soil improvement method"

Talking about the details of the work carried out on the campus, Mr. Değerli continued as follows: “Dynamic compaction is applied as a soil improvement method. By monitoring the applications made in the field by us, drilling studies, field tests and laboratory tests are carried out at the necessary points, and the Department of Survey and Projects continues with the evaluations and reports made in coordination with the company that undertakes consultancy services within the scope of the business and the parties you apply to the academic consultancy. It is aimed to evaluate this area, which has an area of ​​approximately 79 decares, within the scope of an environmentally friendly project to be made for natural gas buses.

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