Moroccan Bride Opens to the World from Istanbul

Bouchra Busra Labrahmi Cesmeci
Bouchra Busra Labrahmi Cesmeci

In recent years, Turkey's changing population structure also incorporates many differences. Thousands of foreign nationals flying to Turkey that turns his life sailing the seas of our people to find time to study or work completely different.

Born in Morocco, studied in France

One of them is 30 years old, lively, vibrant, energetic, talkative, assign the earnest and heart of Turkey love Moroccan national Bouchra (Ryan) Labrahm the Cismigiu ... France Cannes came to Turkey in 2014 after reading business management Aydin University in Business Administration He completed his master's degree. But he could not leave Istanbul. He found a job in health tourism. Later, he changed lanes to The House Residence, Brandium Residenc and Fortis Sinanlı. Kadıköy He took part in the overseas sales of such projects.

Married, settled in Istanbul

Having found his love in Turkey, he became the Chairman of 7 Hills Investments and Real Estate in Turkey companies and brought foreign capital to our country. kazanHe married Serhat Çeşmeci, one of our most important business people. He is now in Turkey, which he calls his second home, in the sector he has chosen. kazanIt keeps trying to promote it abroad and promote it well. He speaks 5 languages: English, Arabic, Turkish, French and Spanish. Multicultural, keen on world politics and moral values…

Business travel to 15 countries in one year

He wanted to start his own business in health tourism, but things did not go as he wanted. He joined a company engaged in the production and trade of Aluminum and Shading Systems and worked as an export manager for 18 months. He undertook international connections and traveled. Traveled to more than 15 countries in one year including European Countries, North African Countries, Gulf Countries, Balkans, Malta, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Lebanon, Bulgaria, France, Greece and Spain. .

To the vast seas in trade ...

The connections he established and the course of his work differed from different perspectives. kazannagged. He was saddened by some problems his company had experienced during production and after sales. But he was not defeated, he did not give up. He became even more ambitious. He worked on how to do this job properly and with added value. It was useful for the whole world to stay at home during the Corona days. What should I do? How do I do my own business? While he was thinking, with the support of his wife Serhat Çeşmeci, he established his production workshop in June 2020. The name of the new company was PARAGUAS Aluminum, which means 'umbrella' in Spanish and the word 'money' is in it.

Heel click in the shading industry

Meanwhile, he met a master named Yahya of Syrian origin, who could manufacture pergolas and modern shading systems. They decided to act together. As the markets went badly in Turkey, they turned to exports. Yahya Usta took the technique and manufacture, and Büşra Çeşmeci undertook purchase, sales, export, administration and all other issues. The fact that both of them have a serious portfolio, especially in Arab countries, paved their way in the nearby geography. Their work also welcomes new customers. kazannagged. In a short period of six months, they exported approximately 13 thousand dollars to 200 countries. Their goal is to reach an export figure of 2021 million dollars by the end of 5 and to be a team of 20 people. It will happen, it will happen… Because the future of this company is very bright…

Let's listen to the rest from Bouchra (Büşra) Labrahmi Çeşmeci ...

What is the sector in Turkey and the world?

The future of this business is bright, but the vision of the company determines the future of a company. It is a technological field, but parts and usage are constantly developing and getting easier. The systems work with the engine. Our goal is primarily money. kazanWe want to progress and create added value. For example, we made a pergola system that works with solar energy, we are trying to develop it. My partner Yahya seeks innovation. We do not specify a time, but we want to be in the top five in the sector. I love the job and want to learn every step of it. Everyone hates my attitude. The fact that I am not Turkish also complicates things. They expect a business woman to sit at her desk instead of walking around the industry. However, I am at the very heart of production and I am happy like a child when I follow the loading of the products to the truck at the end of the work.

Many are after copying

The sector in Turkey exists as awning, tarpaulin, shading and aluminum systems. Some companies prefer to trade and copy what they see abroad instead of innovating. Again a lot of money at once kazanhe wants to. An understanding of after-sales is not fully developed, promises are not fully kept. The materialistic understanding of trade abducts the customer. There is no tradesmanship and competition in our country, very few languages ​​speak the language. Everyone is after cheap. Under the stairs companies get jobs at low prices and no more. I am very sorry about this. Because the work done is a mirror of Turkey. We do not want foreigners to recognize us with poor quality works.

Lots of confused but disconnected

There are good people in the sector, but they are not related to each other. Italy and Spain are very advanced in this area. As a company, we both follow them and try to improve ourselves. People in Turkey do not allow business owners to develop themselves, "You do as I say, the rest is to stir" approach prevails. Therefore, employees do not improve themselves.

It has a very wide range

This is not only a shading system, it also protects it from the rain, and the trend is moving towards that. There are many areas of use from summer houses to new projects, from terraces to touristic facilities, from restaurants to qualified buildings. Pergolas are becoming widespread in gardens, terraces and balconies. It appeals to the end user in areas such as winter gardens. After the projects are completed, they are additionally built and add value to the houses.

With the pandemic, when the use of outdoor areas increased, space division works in commercial units became a concern in this area. Guillotine, rollingroof, bioclimatic, double glazing, folding glass and pergola systems are used. Systems that are so advanced… You can manage systems from all over the world with mobile phone applications. In addition, we can even set up activity tents of the desired size in deserts. For example, we sent 150 large tents of 200-6 square meters each, which we exported to Libya, and they were used as a field hospital there.

The first target is export

We have to get half of the payment to start manufacturing. We do not prefer to work domestically due to the payment problem. We'll think about this as we grow up. Our focus is from abroad. We want to introduce good quality products with high quality and Turkey. We will open up to countries such as Azerbaijan, Turkic Republics, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I chose certain countries in the Middle East, Africa and Europe. I will concentrate on those. For example, Malta is a small country but its potential is very high. It's a complete development axis.

trade bridge between Turkey and Morocco

When it comes to affordable prices in the Moroccan market, Turkish and Chinese goods come to mind. We prefer Turkish goods. We have such a culture. Turkey is my second homeland. I will establish a strong trade bridge between the two countries. Not only in my field, but also in both countries in every need. kazanI will go. I don't want to go out of business, but if the customer has other requests, we do not refuse. We also meet the requirements such as windows, doors, wet floors to finish the job. We can make facade systems. In this area, we can share the works and make project partnerships with everyone. We solve the works we receive by sharing them with our distributors in different countries. We use completely Turkish construction materials in such projects. In the meantime, we gave our first distributorship to Egypt last December.

800 million people market

If the two countries are united, when the Turkic Republics and Hungary are added, we address more than 800 million people in the nearby geography. Because Africa has an incredible future. Market; It starts from Tangi Port. It is planned to build a railway under Gibraltar. Therefore, we can sell Turkish Goods from Morocco to all of Africa. I aim for this. After the epidemic, I will travel to North African countries.

Our preference is domestic but some of the vital materials are imported

We use imported fabric, mostly from Italy. In export goods, the customer does not want Turkish fabric. The roving system, which combines fabric and profiles in manufacturing, does not stick to local fabrics. Products do not last long. It fades and breaks down according to the weather conditions. For these reasons, it is not requested in orders. If all accessories except fabric and engine are made in Turkey, we prefer them. Of course, the industry also needs to improve and do something.

The importance of after sales ...

We will grow with new colleagues. We will hire architects and develop facade systems. Our job is a field that requires fine workmanship and constant contact with the customer. We even do the last check three times. I explain the assembly to the customer by video on the phone. I wanted to give importance to after sales and to be good in this field. In the first place, this is what really motivated me.

Prices are different inside and outside

Prices vary within and outside the country. It is also sold outside at the price it deserves. Sales in Turkey are forward. Since we work with abroad in advance, everyone is loaded there and export is important. kazanhe's eating. Knowing this, foreign intermediaries come to Turkey and bargain hard. Here, a product with a price of 10 thousand TL is sold for 5 thousand Euros in sectoral companies abroad.

What has the pandemic changed?

During and after the pandemic, no country could reach China, receive goods, or trust the goods to be bought. He no longer receives goods from Europe, China wants goods from Turkey. Everyone was installed in Turkey. Current aluminum producing factories in Turkey despite yetişilemiyor.kapasit demand more work, long queues to buy goods oluşuyor.türki did not expect this demand. There was an exorbitant rise in prices. This was reflected in product prices as in everything else.

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