150 Homemade Vegetarian Recipes

homemade vegetarian recipe
homemade vegetarian recipe

Although it is said that vegetarianism or veganism is a new trend from time to time, the truth is not. The idea of ​​not eating meat is by no means new. People have been practicing this since ancient times. Two famous historical Greek philosophers, Plato and Pyhagoras, rejected meat.

Some people also choose to live without meat for conscientious, religious or health reasons. Health-conscious people know very well that a vegetarian diet keeps body weight under control. It significantly reduces the risk of heart, cancer and other diseases.

Unfortunately, vegetarian food is not easily available everywhere. Martı Publishing has created an important work that will fill the gap in this field. More than 150 vegetarian recipes Homemade Vegetarian Recipes book It has already taken its place in the kitchen of many people's homes.


As each recipe in this book, which will be an indispensable guide to your kitchen, is photographed step by step with its beautiful presentations, the techniques used are shown gradually. Vegetarian recipes, each prepared three times in the trial kitchens, are explained in a very short and clear way.

With a wide variety of cooking and eating suggestions Homemade Vegetarian RecipesThere are recipes not only for vegetarians and vegans, but also for everyone who loves to eat and prepare healthy food.



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