Why Don't Men Like Shoping?

Why don't men like to shop from the store
Why don't men like to shop from the store

For the woman, walking around the market for hours, entering the stores, choosing and trying the product she wants, bargaining for minutes is a passion, entertainment, even psychological treatment method. There are millions of women who say that I would spend my whole day in stores if I had the opportunity.

What about men ...

According to the research of “Money Distributing Site” Avantajix.com, only two out of 10 men enjoy shopping by visiting the markets. While the majority of men avoid entering the stores, the number of those who consider accompanying their spouses to shopping as "torture" is too high to underestimate.

Evaluating the opinions of its users and conducting frequent surveys on these issues, Avantajix.com asked some of the members of the 25-45 age group for their opinions on the bazaar market shopping behaviors.

Half of the men surveyed do not like to shop in the bazaar; One out of every 3 men hates it.

"What are the things that trigger you to get bored while shopping at the store?" Here are 10 popular answers to the question:

  • Salesperson who chases after he enters and tries to sell the product he doesn't want (60 percent)
  • No parking spaces in streets and shopping malls (50 percent)
  • Payment order at the cash desk (45 percent)
  • Transporting items after shopping (45 percent)
  • Unsuitable (small, airless etc.) trial cabins (40 percent)
  • Tail in front of the trial booth (40 percent)
  • Having to try on a garment that someone else has tried. (30 percent)
  • Pain in the waist while running from that store to this store (25 percent)
  • Store closing hours do not comply with business hours. (20 percent)
  • Noisy music streaming that doesn't match your style (15 percent)

Women's Persuasion Methods

While the rate of those who see shopping as an “attractable activity” is 40 percent, on the condition that it is done to men, seven out of every 10 men describe accompanying their wives in shopping as “torture”.

55 percent of the men admit that they avoid shopping for clothing with their wives "regardless of the cost".

60 percent of the men who go shopping with their wives admit that they did this act, which they see as "suffering", in return for a bribe.

Eating after shopping, giving men a say in the series / match option, allowing them to attend a friend event, letting them stay at home for the next shopping are among the top methods of persuasion for women.

It was also among the remarkable details of the survey that 70 percent of the men "rushed to go shopping" when it came to purchasing something to wear or technology stores.

Online Shopping Best Solution

Sevda Köseibiş, Digital Marketing Director of Avantajix.com, underlined that both sides gave positive answers to the questions about online shopping in the survey and said, “In online shopping, both sides can act independently, women can spend hours in the virtual world of clothing stores and men for hours without getting bored. They just ask each other for help in making the decision. This makes them happy. As a result, online shopping seems to be the best solution for both parties to ensure harmony in the relationship and minimize stress ”.

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