Employees Expect Flexibility in the Corporate Environment

The preference of the employees changed
The preference of the employees changed

Peakup Deputy General Manager Kadircan Toprakçı, who answered the questions in the Reel Markets program presented by Çetin Ünsalan on Industry Radio, said that employees now prefer to be more innovative and that they want a comfortable environment in companies.

Stating that the year 2020 has created an awareness and awareness in terms of digitalization, Toprakçı stated that it is important to start the process of working from home with the pandemic process and that it is a turning point.


Stating that human resources management can be examined in two areas on how to guide after recruitment and recruitment, Toprakçı said that with the interruption of face-to-face interviews due to the pandemic, the characteristics sought in terms of interview styles have changed.

Speaking to Endüstri Radio, Toprakçı said, "While we were looking for something at the level of technology literacy in the personnel before, now we are starting to look one step further about how the person uses that technology and how it produces benefits." said.


Stating that people now prefer to be innovative and creative, Toprakçı stated that employees are expected to be given flexibility in the company environment and that even in the recruitment process, these questions should be determined mutually.

Toprakçı said, “There are two ways to handle recruitment. One is the skill sets we expect and the other is the change in the positions we recruited. We can now say that we do not hire employees for some positions we have spoken to in the past, we are in a position to open new roles and recruit them. " said.

Saying that the main responsibility of the managers is to create a suitable environment for those employees to exhibit their full potential, Toprakçı said, “If we consider that the real job is the employee, we try to provide a suitable environment for them. Therefore, the differences and expectations during the recruitment of employees should be more like a family than a partnership relationship because we all know that we are there even if we do not see each other in the same environment and we will support them. ”


Toprakçı said, “When we look at the companies that are successful in the world axis today, we see that there are smaller teams and people who have intense communication with each other. An attitude is demonstrated in which team feeling is at the forefront. During recruitment, we may still look at the technical competence of people, but on the other hand, communication is at the forefront. " said.

Toprakçı added that the attitude of the employee among the team is also an important issue in terms of human resources management.

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