DHL Express Named Among World's Best Employers in 2021

dhl express was also ranked among the best employers in the world
dhl express was also ranked among the best employers in the world

DHL Express, the leading international express transportation services provider, is once again among the world's best employers. The company was certified by the Top Employers Institute this year as the top employer in 48 countries and on every continent of the world except Antarctica. Top Employers Institute highlighted DHL's strong performance, especially in the areas of Value, Business Strategy, Ethics and Integrity.

We are happy to be recognized as the best employer in so many countries around the world.

In a statement on the subject, DHL Express CEO John Pearson said, “Thanks to our passionate and powerful employees, we ensure that global trade continues and our customers can continue their business while many areas of life are at a standstill. Our employees are at the heart of our company, and ensuring their safety continues to be our top priority. Being worthy of this title means recognition of our efforts to create wonderful conditions for our employees where they can thrive and move forward in the world's most international company.

DHL Express invests millions of Euros each year in its employees around the world. The company conducts various HR initiatives in order to continuously improve the working conditions of its teams and equip its international workforce with the knowledge that will provide the motivation they need to provide customers with the best quality service every day. Due to the extraordinary efforts of the DHL team during the COVID-19 pandemic, the company paid a one-off bonus of € 300 to each employee worldwide.

Regine Buettner, Vice President of Global HR at DHL Express, said: “We are very proud of our commitment to prioritize our employees and to be ranked among the World's Best Employers for the seventh consecutive year, and deserve this highly valued title. The past 12 months have been tough for everyone, including our employees, most of whom were on the front lines during the pandemic. During such times it is more important than ever to maintain our commitment to maintain the highest workplace standards. We are pleased that our commitment is rewarded with such a document. "

“We are proud of all our employees who reach millions of people every day and make millions happy,” Lassen said.

stating the world's largest logistics company, best employer held every year as well as being one of the sorting operation in continuous list head being happy and they were proud of DHL Express Turkey CEO Claus Lassen, "Covidien - 19 in the shadow of ourselves years behind us, we've got our borders opportunity to explore. In this process, the DHL family has achieved many things that are considered impossible by working with greater devotion than ever before. Thanks to our international experience, we are proud of our employees, who make millions of people happy with their deliveries every day, even though we have equipped our employees with the latest technology and have taken all health measures. I would like to express my gratitude to all my colleagues around the world who know the importance of our work and work day and night in this direction. As DHL, I would like to state that our company, which is focused on people, will continue to work without changing its focus ”.

The Top Employers Institute program certifies companies on the basis of participation in the Best HR Practices Survey and according to the survey results. Survey; It evaluates practices in six HR areas covering 20 topics such as Human Resources Strategy, Work Environment, Talent Acquisition, Learning, Healthy Living, Diversity and Inclusion.


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