Who Is The First Woman Machinist in the History of the Republic?

who is the first female mechanic in the history of the republic
who is the first female mechanic in the history of the republic

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Being a woman in Turkey, moreover, "I made a career in child said," It is difficult to say craft. Gender discrimination exists in every field, starting with the legislative and executive power.

Women have a profession during the establishment of the Republic of Turkey and the nature captured in a free give impetus unfortunately could not be preserved in future periods. The effects of traditional socio-cultural structure that do not encourage women's participation in active life could not be responded to with the right public policies, especially education, culture and employment policies.

The railroad profession is also known as a male-dominated profession, and in this business, women are mostly employed in office services called general administrative services. Due to the decrease in the male population in Europe after World War II, women were employed with titles such as switchman, conductor, revistor, especially in the eastern bloc countries.

Female Directors

In railways, women cannot go beyond assistants if their qualifications in upper and middle management are higher than their male colleagues.

Hürriyet Sırmaçek, who was the second assistant manager in the 1950s, was appointed as the General Manager Consultant in 2. In the same years, Makbule Arsal was working as an Assistant Chief of the General Directorate Legal Department.

In the 70s, M.Sc Mechanical Engineer Yüksel Gökçe was the manager of the Traction Department Wagon Branch and was personally doing the test drives of the locomotives purchased from abroad.

Nurhan Öç is the only female manager who has been promoted to Deputy General Manager in TCDD. Öç was appointed as Deputy General Manager with the decision of the Board of Directors dated 27.12.1988 and numbered 31/414.

1990's was the year with the highest number of female managers in TCDD. Head of Information Technologies Department and his deputies, Head of Immovable Goods Department, Deputy Head of Food and Sleeper Department, Deputy Head of Health Department, Branch Managers, Manager or deputy directors in some service directorates in the regions (Facilities, Education, Immovable Property) were women. Today, these numbers have decreased to little if any. Although women managers cannot have a say in transportation policies, it is certain that they work more meticulously than men in their fields of activity and make a difference.

The Republic of Turkey will give the State Railways and Railways established to educate the railwaymen to renew the vocational training school girl students were not accepted in any of the periods when school is open.

Female students are admitted to the Rail Systems Technologies departments opened in Industrial Vocational High Schools, but it seems difficult for these graduates to take part in TCDD.

Women are given Machinist Training Not recruited

A total of 30 male students, including 8 from Haydarpaşa Industrial Vocational High School, from Eskişehir Atatürk Industrial Vocational High School Rail Systems Technology Department, started their jobs as machinist candidates within the body of TCDD.

Four of the 29 students whose education is still continuing are girls. Gülşen Karakaya, Fadime Dönmez, Kübra Köstel and Nisa Çatık were the subject of the news on January 4, 13 in Eskişehir Anadolu Newspaper, where the Ministry of Transport canceled the requirement to search for "male" candidates in the field of mechanics this year and they wanted to be a mechanic.

In the statements given to the newspaper, Gülşen Karakaya said, “We loved this section because we love railroad business and it has a future. Our families also guided. However, we have a problem this year in terms of settlement. There was a separation between girls and boys. The male candidate requirement came. We also want to be a machinist. Our request from our minister is to be recruited. We do this as well as our boyfriends. We received training for 4 years, we think we have the right, ”If Fadime Dönmez”, we worked for 4 years. Don't let our effort go to waste. We are 4 female students. There are 4-5 students in lower grades. We love this job. We are asking our Minister of Transport to recruit us as well ”.

If you will be an Dispatcher, you will go where I want it

Two female tellers from Haydarpaşa and Gebze, who participated in the Promotion Exam and Training organized by TCDD to meet the needs of the movement officer, were successful and they were offered a Değirmisaz station on the Kurtçimeni and Tavşanlı Balıkesir line on Çankırı Zonguldak line. This offer does not mean anything other than "I offered, they did not accept". After all, it has been so. The two female dispatcher candidates waived their rights by petitioning.

No Women Trade Inspector on Railways

In 1997, TCDD decided to determine the need for a Trade Inspector from among its personnel and those in demand. In the internal order he published on this subject, he put the condition of "having done military service" among the conditions of being a Trade Inspector. Since this restriction is open to interpretation, Şenay Özdemir applied to take the exam. However, it was stated that the “military service” requirement included both male and female civil servants and was prevented from taking the exam, let alone appointment.

Haydarpaşa's First Female Maneuvering Machinist

Seher Aksel Aytaç graduated from Istanbul University Yıldız Technical University Railway Construction and Management Vocational High School Traction Department in 1989 and started working in railways. The desire to be a machinist is accepted with his own words, perhaps with a showcase application request. After attending the diesel machine assistant and maneuvering training courses and successfully completing the courses, he worked as an intern for 3 months. After the internship, he started working as a responsible machinist. Machinist Seher, who could not overcome the difficulties he faced due to the arrangement of the working environment for men, changed his title and started working in the office as a technical staff.

In the entrance to KPSS, the qualifications sought for the staff and positions and the code entered by the mechanic in the codes of these qualifications is 1103 and in return it is stated as "being male".

For this reason, even though Seher Aksel and Hülya Çetin do not go down in history as the first female machinists of TCDD, they will continue to be mentioned as the last female machinists in TCDD unless the necessary arrangements are made in KPSS.

"World Economic Forum" prepared by the "Gender Inequality" according to the index of women's employment in Turkey in 2007, where 128 countries had indicated # 123.

This decrease in the participation of women in the labor provision of de facto gender equality in Turkey and towards socio-economic development is one of the biggest obstacles was specified.

A long-time household a woman's daily average of 5 hours in Turkey, according to official statistics, and child care to allocating this time is under an hour for men.

In Turkey, children and labor force participation of women as wage earners are blocked due to unpaid labor of women and resolved through elder care.

First of all, in order for women to participate in employment, to work and rise in business lines dominated by men;

The patriarchal anachronistic mentality that regards care services as women's duty should be abandoned.

Necessary legal and institutional arrangements regarding care services, especially childcare, should be developed, and responsibility sharing should be ensured between men and women within the family.

Considering that women will also work in active titles, necessary arrangements such as dormitory, toilet and bathroom should be made in the workplaces.

In appointments, merit should be of primary importance, not politics.

Sexual harassment in the workplace should be prevented.

In short, if this order continues, the name of women will not be heard in the railways or in other business lines… Kentved Railway

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