CSO-2 French Military Earth Observation Satellite Successfully Launched

cso french military world observation satellite launched successfully
cso french military world observation satellite launched successfully

The military Earth observation satellite CSO-2 (Composante spatiale optique), built by Airbus for the French Armed Forces, was successfully launched by Soyuz rocket from the Kourou European Space Station in Guyana.

CSO-2 is the second of three satellite surveillance satellites that will provide extremely high-resolution geographic information intelligence to the French Armed Forces and their partners within the framework of the MUSIS (Multinational Space-Based Imaging System for Surveillance, Reconnaissance and Observation) cooperation program. CSO satellites are equipped with a very agile pointing system and controlled via a secure ground control operations center. Constellation offers 3-dimensional and very high resolution imaging in visible and infrared bandwidths, enabling day and night acquisition and maximizing operational use.

The same as CSO-1, the CSO-2 satellite will be placed in a lower polar orbit at an altitude of 480 km to fulfill the program's identification task.

As the main contractor of the CSO satellite program, Airbus will be responsible for the integration study, testing and delivery of the satellite to CNES, as well as providing fast adaptation and avionics. Thales Alenia Space provides Airbus with a very high resolution optical device.

Airbus teams will continue to lead User Location Segment operations here as well as currently running legacy programs (Helios, Pleiades, SarLupe, Cosmo-Skymed).

Airbus awarded the CSO tender at the end of 2010 by the French National Space Research Center CNES, acting on behalf of the French General Directorate of Armaments (DGA). kazanwas.

The contract also included a third satellite option enabled after Germany joined the program in 2015.

Jean-Marc Nasr, President of Airbus Space Systems, said, 'Thanks to our close partnership with the French MoD since the start of the French Space adventure, now thanks to the enormous support provided by the Space command, CNES and DGA, as well as industry and partners, in particular Thales Alenia Space. we did it. Providing the most modern and efficient monitoring capability for the safety of our citizens and the sovereignty and independence of France and Europe, the CSO satellite is a real breakthrough in terms of resolution, complexity, transmission security, reliability and availability: only a few countries can demonstrate such capability. said.

The enormous agility and stability of the satellite enables users to quickly transmit extremely high quality images from the Thales Alenia Space device, even for the most complex acquisition programs.

CSO satellite in the works of Airbus' Helios 1, Pleiades and Helios 2 kazanIt is built on decades of experience, innovation and success. Airbus also used next-generation gyroscopic actuators, fiber optic gyroscopes, onboard electronics and control software to optimize weight and inertia and significantly increase pointing speed.

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