CHP İzmir Deputy Serter Asked About İzmir Ankara High Speed ​​Line Works

chp izmir deputy serter izmir asked about the speed train line works in ankara
chp izmir deputy serter izmir asked about the speed train line works in ankara

The Republican People's Party (CHP) Izmir Deputy Bedri Serter, mentioned in his speech on the Budget of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure during the 2021 Central Government Budget negotiations, was burdened with the government upon the re-tender of the Ankara-Izmir High Speed ​​Line project and made harsh criticism to the government over the new tender price. . Serter, while asking for the account of 8.2 billion TL of the people who went to waste, said that the re-made tender showed that after the highways, it was also the railways to make the proponent rich.

In the investment program announced last week, Serter underlined that he has been a follower of the high-speed train line project, which is planned to start in 2007 but can only take small steps in 2020. Recalling that in 2013, Minister of Transport, Binali Yıldırım, signed the first sign and a consortium of 5 companies won the tender at that time, he stated that there has been no visible development in the project for 7 years and that the project was reconsidered in the 2021 investment program.

Project amount increased from 3 Billion TL to 21 Billion TL

Serter made the following statement regarding the subject: “An issue that has turned into a snake story since 2007, the Ankara-İzmir high-speed train line project was also included in the 2007th Development Program that included the period 2013-9. The project amount, which was planned as the Ankara-Polatlı-Afyonkarahisar-Uşak-İzmir line for this period and included Eskişehir in the plan, seemed to be 3.746.188 TL. Since then, the voice of the power regarding the project has been heard during the time of Minister of Transport Binali Yıldırım and in 2013, 5 billion TL was agreed upon with the consortium of 3 companies, on the condition that the project is completed within 4,5 years. While following the subject, the Chamber of Geological Engineers, the most important democratic mass organization on this subject and an expert on the job, said, "There are many sinkholes on the road route, it is necessary to be careful and strengthening work should be done or changes should be made in the route," I am in contact with them. We have not seen any serious progress for 7 years, and the images of the last Uşak construction site were shared. Then, the 2021 investment program was announced last week, and in this investment program, the new project value of this line was 27.755.257.000 TL, moreover, 23.218.082 TL of it was seen as foreign credit. Later, we learned that this tender was held again quietly, and ERG Construction company, which had also won the National Lottery privatization tender and also won the Mersin Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant project tender, won this tender alone and the price was 2.2 billion euros, 21.5 billion TL. 13 years since the promise of investment. Since the spent and disappeared day, almost 8.2 billion TL and the tender price that has emerged again today is 21.5 billion TL. These are the money of the people, it is unclear how these money is given, how the tenders are made and there is a big zero! Proponent contractors who found the corner from the highways are over, it's time for the railways! ”



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