Attention! Router Devices Can Endanger Privacy and Security

caution routers can endanger privacy and security
caution routers can endanger privacy and security

Router devices that make Wi-Fi networks work better in homes or workplaces can increase your internet connection quality. Cyber ​​security organization ESET warned that new generation smart routers that solve wireless signal problems can endanger privacy and security if necessary measures are not taken.

As the number of devices connected to the internet in homes and public areas increases, the demand for wireless connection as a practical solution also increases. During the pandemic period, the increase in the number of homeworkers and the children following their lessons online at the same time have turned every home into a workplace. Devices connected to the network from different rooms of the houses and via Wi-Fi may not benefit from the same efficient internet infrastructure. ESET security experts state that the new smart router networks used to overcome the problems with Wi-Fi signal bring privacy-related problems when not used carefully.

Router, which is called 'router' in Turkish usage, is defined as hardware devices used to communicate two networks with each other. Manufacturers are launching different routers to eliminate the points that the Wi-Fi signal does not reach and metal surfaces that block or reflect the signals, and to ensure that Wi-Fi signals reach very distant places. Thanks to these smart devices, Wi-Fi signals can reach the remotest corners of homes. However, these devices also track you and know where you are.

Instead of a single central router that sends signals to your entire home, new routers create a network with the help of a distributed brain, tracking the times of signal propagation problem and trying to solve this problem. By placing many small network nodes in different rooms, they can learn the radio frequency by comparing the signal propagation. They also learn to work around you, as you will affect signal propagation when you stand in a room. They also act as motion detectors because they know where you are and where you are not.

According to ESET experts; These devices, namely routers, sold as a higher version, are in demand because they make your Wi-Fi work better, sometimes even much better. However, this situation creates privacy problems in private areas.

Many systems have a cloud component for remote administration or remote administration by direct internet service providers (ISPs). However, if there is a leak in an area where there is no successful security tracking record and rapid entry to the market compromises security, malicious people will have more information about your home environment than you would like.

Remote management issues rank almost at the top of the most vulnerable entry points today. Remote management channels are set by default by ISP setup teams to speed up the setup process, so having remote management in every room of your home is a brand new opportunity for hackers.

This control panel can monitor every connected device in your home, their signal strength, data transfer speeds, sites visited, how long they have been online, and many other features. It can also be used as a kind of low quality alarm.

As distributed routers go deep into your private life, they can violate your privacy to gather information that can be used to identify the person.

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