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black gun friendly union
black gun friendly union

Could you give information about the founding purpose and the number of members of Öz Transport İş Union?

Self-Transport Work Union was established on 21 November 2012 with the aim of "building a virtuous union understanding" based on 'virtue and trust' on local and national foundations, prioritizing human and labor.

Realizing the principles and goals of the Hak İş Confederation, as well as its own character, being aware of its power and the responsibilities it imposes on it, Öz Transport İş Union continues on its way without deviating from the “Trade Unionism with Values” line.

Under the leadership of our President, Mr. Mustafa Toruntay, our valuable Board Members, Provincial Representatives, Workplace Representatives and all our members, together with the new services we offer to our growing family, "We leave a mark".

Despite its 8-year existence, according to the data of July 2020, Öz Transport İş Union, which is the 21nd union in the transportation business line with 867 members, puts its philosophy into practice with the participation of new members to its family day by day and adds strength to its power.

Can you tell us about the activities and activities of your union?

First of all, due to the awareness of being a Non-Governmental Organization, our country's democracy will become stronger, the expansion of human rights and freedoms, the integration of working life with international norms, the empowerment of local governments in terms of authority, employment and income, the elimination of poverty, fair income distribution, reduction of unemployment and unregistered In addition to repeating the demands for the establishment of effective and sustainable policies based on social dialogue, implementation of social and economic policies that are in line with the realities of the country in order to register employment, not to devalue labor and hard work, which is a requirement of the union identity, the social life and working life with the focus of "Human" We are in an effort to reveal our balancing works with our activities.

If we say that the unions operating in the transportation business in our country cannot bring together Air, Land, Sea and Railway employees on a broad basis, we will not be exaggerated. Unlike other unions, we do not only write in our charter by showing the will to overcome the understanding that is content with some of them, as the Öz Taşımacılık İş Union, we do not only write in our charter, but also act with an understanding that keeps everyone as one and equal regardless of their language, color, gender, belief, income level and job. Especially to those who do not reach out, we divide our hands, our hearts with our hands and our bite, which is one of the fruits of our solidarity.

Our most important activity is the momentum for mutual gain that we have achieved with the return of our high motivation to the workplaces where they work as high efficiency, with the collective bargaining agreements we have signed at the workplaces we have authorized, and the full and error-free delivery of our members' rights and wages arising from the laws.

Organized employee consciousness is perceived better today than in the past where it is overshadowed by political ideologies, but the capitalism world order is globalizing and trying to be made the goal of consumer society while it is becoming a consumer society. When he becomes a union member, he thinks that he will lose his job and be put at the door, and even if he is a little more courageous, he is a target to be able to achieve unity and solidarity in his workplace, and the dire situations in which the employees who take the responsibility for the organization that are damaged are reduced to the zero point in our own organization activities by acting with approaches that will take risks. to eliminate

In order not to leave the square empty to the unions, which were established with the gathering of 7 people on paper but continued their existence by driving both the Employers who produce employment and our laborer brothers and sisters into chaos and leaving the square. With our acquaintance meetings and one-on-one meetings we hold to introduce our principles,
Despite the fact that there are 14 million 251 thousand 655 registered workers in our country and only 1 million 946 thousand 165 of them are unionized, instead of organizing non-unionized employees, it is against those who do not know anything other than to break the organized workplaces from their existing unions and disrupt the unity and solidarity of the working population, which is the target of union organization. With our determination to defend the rights and interests of our members,

Despite the will of the union lords and their members, we would not be indifferent to anything with the Unionism lesson that we give to those who defame their Unions by going out of them and ruling over them in the position of representing them, by keeping our members on top of them, we will protect our national and moral values ​​together with our members. We take the step with determination and gladly try to decorate our activities with sacrifices.

Can we get information about your work as the Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Self Transport Work Union?
It should not be forgotten that Napoleon Bonaparte said "If the world were a country, its capital would be Istanbul."
approximately 1/5 of which live in Istanbul and tax revenues density where the employees that contribute to our economy considering cutting as well as obtain more than 40% of incurred in the collection of the Istanbul of Turkey's population, we trade unionists are alive, active, to take place in the field with a renewable building encourages.
As the Istanbul Provincial Presidency of Öz Transport İş Union, we are constantly in contact with our members and employers in order to keep the connection between our current members in our city and our region alive and strong, as well as the problems and solutions faced by our members, at the point of information flow with our Headquarters and We continue our efforts to deliver all kinds of opportunities and support our union offers them.

In addition to this, whatever the introduction of our union and its “positive or negative” effects in the face of all kinds of changes in the global world order, we reinforce with our approach and social unionism, where we are a solution partner with investors and employers, provided that the rights and interests of our members are protected. We continue to present our ideas and principles in order to present our Erdemli Union understanding to us.

In general, we often encounter situations that many employees and even many employers, who have been influenced by the usual union organization methods of the trade unions in our country, are interested in us at this point.
In order for all employees and employers to notice our difference, we not only keep our doors open to them, but also inform them about our local Self-Transport Work Union if they request.

We are aware of our responsibility, we defend the rights and interests of our members by giving a voice to our goals, by listening, not with fixed ideas, but with our renewed dynamics that produce solutions according to the conditions.

I would like to state that I have adopted the principle of walking to the summit with determination and determination until there is not a single employee and a single employer that we have not met in the sector.

What advantages do those who are members of your union have? What benefits do you provide to your members?
In addition to signing a Collective Bargaining Agreement at the workplaces we have been authorized, we have provided personal accident insurance for each of our members for the past 8 years. We donated 4970 pieces of quarter and gram gold at the weddings of our members and their children's circumcision. We contributed to the education of our members' children studying at the University by providing 2 million 65 thousand TL scholarships. We donated 110 thousand TL in cash to 200 members in need for different reasons. We presented cologne, candy and Turkish delight to all our members on every Ramadan and Sacrifice Feasts, New Year's gifts in the New Year, and various gifts to our female members on March 8, International Women's Day. With the understanding of social unionism, we became one of the family by organizing picnics with the participation of our members' spouses and children in each city during the summer months.

We provide lawyer support in cases of accidents and similar situations during work. The institutions that we have agreements with in education, health, tourism and similar fields provide special discounts to our members. We are always with our members from birth to wedding, from health to death.

What precautions did you take for the transport sector and your members during the pandemic period? Can you tell us about your work in this difficult period?

Of course, we've also comply with all citizens of the Republic of Turkey as priorities of our state Covidien-19 precision to prevent the spread of the decisions and measures they have taken the name. We postponed our meetings with broad participation. We held some of our meetings and trainings over the internet. We have endeavored to show our sensitivity as an example to all our organizational structure and our members.

We provided the opportunity to work from home for our staff over the age of 65 and with chronic diseases.

By applying mask, distance and cleaning measures, we came together with our members in limited numbers and times when necessary. We followed the compliance of disinfection procedures, quarantine processes and short work programs at workplaces together. We made contacts with the employer and their representatives to temporarily close the environments where positive cases increase.

In Istanbul alone, a workplace was temporarily closed three times for 14 days, and while all of these were happening, we were with our members.

During the pandemic period, Cargo Transport transaction volume increased 20 times in the sector and 1,5 to 2 times in many companies. We were on the field again when our Union had to meet with new employees who had to lend a hand due to the new employment made to meet this increase and the employment contributed by new investors who entered the sector in this period.

We made a decision as a first in Turkey, where 19 positive cases due to the onlookers Covidien-General and the Chairman of the Board of Directors have received from our members.

With the wish and slogan of “Let a Bite from us”, we leave the food parcels we have prepared to our Covid-19 positive members to make them feel that we are with them even if we cannot approach them due to quarantine. Until now, we have provided food parcels to our 1950 members.

Like all our activities, we are happy to be a pioneer for this to be an example and to become widespread.
We hope these numbers will not increase, but in any case, we did not leave our members alone in any regard. We will never leave it alone with the awareness of Social Responsibility.

black gun friendly union
black gun friendly union

What kind of future awaits the transportation industry after the pandemic?

The inability to use the workforce at full capacity due to the pandemic in the manufacturing sectors and the restriction and closure of the circulation, which are mandatory to apply within the scope of pandemic prevention measures in the service sectors, have brought growth in the transportation sector, especially in terms of the shipment of commercial goods and consumer goods.

However, if we do not ignore the fact that the pandemic will eventually slow down and end, and if we fail to discover workflows that do not require planned growth and then planned shrinkage or shrinkage, this will definitely happen; In such a case, the growth and employment trend in the transport sector is likely.

In this regard, it would be appropriate for investors and employers to be careful about this issue and employees not to think seasonally.

Can we learn about your short and long term goals as Öz Taşımacılık İş Union?

The Self Transport Work Union has adopted the principle of being a union member and showing the value of being an organized employee, establishing trust in order to eliminate distrust in unions, conquering hearts and touching people while doing this.

It has demonstrated this principle with its Social Unionism approach and its activities that crown this understanding, and it continues to do so.

In the short term, the workplaces operating in the Transportation (Air, Land, Sea and Railway) Sector can reach the number of employees with a broad-based member structure that will have an effective say in all of their employees in a balanced way, and in the long term, the remaining 10% of our line of business employees are We aim to gain Union Rights.

Do you have a particular message that you want to emphasize?

We all know the contribution of labor to capital and capital to labor, and where both are indispensable for each other, let's combine them with our union, let's integrate, happier, happier, safer, more peaceful and stronger tomorrows together.

I salute all those who have contributed to the Covid-19 epidemic that has affected our country and the world for a year, especially our healthcare professionals, and those who follow the measures taken to protect both themselves and the society. Like everyone else, I look forward to the day when the efforts will be rewarded.
We always keep our doors open with our understanding of trade unionism that leaves its mark and social responsibility awareness.


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