Aydın Denizli Highway Will Destroy 5 Thousand Decares of Fruit Garden

Denizli Aydin Highway will destroy a thousand frosts of fruit garden
Denizli Aydin Highway will destroy a thousand frosts of fruit garden

Denizli Chamber of Agriculture Coordinator President Hamdi Gemici said that the Aydın-Denizli Highway, the foundation of which was laid on November 16, will cause the destruction of thousands of trees in the 5 thousand decare orchards in Pamukkale Plain, which has only microclimate characteristics. Located on earth to the news göre Stating that the annual loss of Denizli's agriculture will reach 6 million TL, Gemici stated that most of the fruits produced in the gardens with good agricultural practices are exported.

First class agricultural lands ...

The foundation of the 163-kilometer-long Aydın-Denizli Highway, together with the connection roads that will constitute the second phase of uninterrupted transportation between Izmir and Antalya, which the region has been waiting for years, was laid by the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu with a ceremony after the tender process of more than 2 years. As the construction of the highway started, with the expropriation efforts, the reactions of the producers who had land on the route where the road would pass began to increase. The residents of Sarayköy's Duacılı and Beylerbeyi Neighborhoods stated that they were not aware of the expropriation process and that the road passed through agricultural lands and claimed that the determined expropriation costs were low.

Head of Merkezefendi Chamber of Agriculture, Hamdi Gemici, said that there are about 5 thousand decares of orchards on the highway route only in Pamukkale Plain, and that thousands of pomegranate, quince, plum and peach trees will be cut. Beginning with the Pamukkale junction connecting the highway Salihağa neighborhood, where the prime agricultural land, and found in orchards Irlıganl, Yenikoy, Küçükdere, Eldenizl of Kocadere and Pınarkent passing through the neighborhood to reach the Kocabas neighborhood expressing Sailor, "This is the site of microclimate in Turkey 7 has one of the plain. In this region, there are first-class, 8-10-year-old Hijaz pomegranate, quince, anjelino plum and peach gardens, most of which are exported. The Presidency's urgent expropriation decision was published in the Official Gazette, the foundation of the road was laid. Our opinion was not received about the route and the lands to be expropriated. According to the researches we have done and the information we have obtained, approximately 5 thousand decares of agricultural land in this region remain on the road route ”.

"Could have passed from different places"

Stating that the teams of the Highways Directorate are continuing their determinations in the gardens and agricultural lands in the lands remaining in the expropriation area, Gemici said, “According to our information, a 16-17 kilometer long region is located on the intersections and connection road route. Producers who learn that their garden will be expropriated are greatly disappointed. There are orchards in the region where we do good agricultural practices and have global GAP certification. Thousands of trees will be cut down on the land to be expropriated, and approximately 20 thousand tons of products will no longer be available. The road will have a negative impact of 60 million lira on Denizli's agriculture only in this plain. Land owner producers also find the expropriation costs low. The producers do not want to give up their garden even if they give millions. "We are not against the highway, but the route could be passed through a slightly higher section with less inefficient lands by taking our opinion," he said.

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