Why is the Quality Standard Important in Labeling?

Why is the quality standard important in labeling
Why is the quality standard important in labeling

The realization of the labels, which constitute the first contact between the consumer and the product, in accordance with certain quality standards, is important in establishing trust in the product before the consumer.

Labeling is an important requirement for both manufacturers, sellers and consumers in different products in every field. Labels, which play an important role in keeping the products in a correct and healthy way, also stand out by being shaped according to the measures against counterfeiting and legal requirements. It is observed that manufacturers from different sectors have difficulty choosing labeling systems for different product types.

Novexx Solutions contributes to the accurate and reliable application of self-adhesive labels of any shape and size to any product with its wide range of labeling systems.


Novexx Solutions, which allows the labeling to be performed in the most accurate way on narrow, wide labels or in humid or dry working environments, offers advantages to its users with tailor-made solutions.
Novexx Solutions XLS 2XX product can be used on products from personal care to electronics, from pharmaceuticals to food, from automotive to chemistry. With the Novexx Solutions XLS 7XX, which can operate 24/2 on difficult and uninterrupted lines and automatically adapt to the conveyor belt speed, the products are presented to the consumer in the most accurate way.

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