Unmanned Surface Rescue Vehicle from Küçükçekmece Students

Unmanned water rescue vehicle from small students
Unmanned water rescue vehicle from small students

Test drives of the 'Unmanned Surface Rescue Vehicle' (İSKA) developed by Küçükçekmece Municipality Children's University students were carried out in Küçükçekmece Lake.

Students who participated in the infrastructure works of the Children's University "Model Ship Building Workshop" developed an "Unmanned Surface Rescue Vehicle" (ISKA). Küçükçekmece Municipality Children's University, always aiming for more in education, pressed the button for the 'Model Ship Building Workshop' upon the intense demand after the 'Model Aircraft Workshop'. 'Model Ship Building Workshop' infrastructure works started with the 'Unmanned Surface Rescue Vehicle' (İSKA) test drives.

Unmanned water rescue vehicle from small students

"To be used for exploration in search and rescue"

8th grade student Eren Treasure, who designed the Unmanned Surface Rescue Vehicle (İSKA), said, “This boat is a boat that will be used for exploration in search and rescue. There's a life buoy place for him to leave behind. "We can view live at sea thanks to the camera on it."

Project Consultant Children's University instructor Tuğrul Yıldız said, “By taking the mechanical and design education process, we experienced the first swimming process of our Model Ship, which was created by our project student, in Küçükçekmece lake. “We experienced this excitement with our students and parents”.

Wide Technical Equipment

İSKA, supervised by Children's University instructor Tuğrul Yıldız; It has the technical features of double-engine, dual-helm, remote control system with RC control, providing video and voice calls, at the same time delivering the life buoy to the victim with the hook on the back of the vehicle, and instantly delivering images from the accident site to the center with a mobile IP camera.

A cheap, fast and efficient lifeguard ISKA

The aim of this project; to produce an unmanned surface vehicle that will provide a cheap, fast and efficient lifeguard operation. In this way, ships and etc. It will be ensured that in accidents, it will go to the scene quickly, transmit images from the scene to the center and deliver life buoy to the victims. In addition, students were encouraged in this field in order to use mechanics, software, driving techniques, design, problem solving, robotics and maritime skills together and to increase their interest in unmanned surface vehicles.

Küçükçekmece Municipality Children's University continues to provide education to students with its full content. At the end of the 4-year education period, it supports the students to offer solutions to the problems they encounter in daily and social life, to create social awareness and innovative projects in the light of up-to-date scientific knowledge. This support is also a prerequisite for graduating from the University.

Those who want to get detailed information can call 444 4 360/8230.

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