TürkTraktör Left Behind 1 Year in Domestic Construction Equipment Production

Turktraktor left the year behind in domestic construction equipment production
Turktraktor left the year behind in domestic construction equipment production

Introducing the domestic backhoe loaders, which it started production at the beginning of 2020, to the market, TürkTraktör is preferred by the public and private sector with these products.

TürkTraktör continues to work successfully in the sector with Case and New Holland brand construction machines, which offer solutions for all kinds of needs in all field works such as tracked excavators, wheel loaders, backhoe loaders, mini loaders and mini excavators. TürkTraktör; At the beginning of 2020, it made an important investment and started to produce backhoe loaders with World Standard Production (WCM) principles and started to offer them to users as 'domestic production'.

Expressing that TürkTraktör took its claim in construction equipment to the next level with this investment, TürkTraktör Construction Machinery Business Unit Group Manager Boğaç Ertekin said, “In the construction and construction machinery sector, which is one of the important indicators of the development level in the countries, we are committed to bringing consumers together with domestic goods and contributing to the Turkish industry and economy. we are very happy. " he stated.

"We have accelerated our business with domestic production"

TürkTraktör Construction Machinery Business Unit Group Manager Boğaç Ertekin said, “The combination of TürkTraktör's pioneering identity in the Turkish industry with the brand recognition of our global partner makes us a strong domestic manufacturer in the field of construction equipment. Domestic production has been in our focus since the first day we stepped into the sector, and with the realization of this investment, we have accelerated our work. In 2020, we brought our local backhoe loaders together with our customers from many sectors such as mining, agriculture, landscaping, port management, as well as construction and excavation companies, which are the most common areas of use of these machines. We structured ourselves to respond more effectively to the demands arising within the framework of public needs, and we started to take place with our New Holland branded local backhoe loaders in the lists submitted by the State Supply Office to public institutions. he explained.

Continuation of the dynamism in the sector is expected

Boğaç Ertekin, infrastructure in Turkey, energy, transportation, mining, and despite experiencing the pandemic process of investment in many business sectors such as agriculture drew attention to the continued and made a short evaluation for next year: "Although the pandemic process that took place in 2020. Turkey business machines in the market We observed that the demand increased compared to the previous year. We anticipate that investments in sectors where construction equipment are widely used, especially backhoe loaders, will continue in 2021. Within the framework of Covid-19 measures, we continued our sales and after-sales processes throughout the year without interruption and had a year in line with our 2020 targets. We offer a wide range of products to the market with our Case and New Holland brands. We have a widespread organization that will provide the same high quality service to our customers all over our country within the scope of both sales and service services and spare parts supply for both domestic and imported products.

Boğaç Ertekin concluded his statements as follows: “As TürkTraktör, we are working on new product technologies and different business models, thanks to our in-house innovation and entrepreneurship unit. In 2021, we will continue our efforts to respond to the demands of our customers in the fastest and most effective way with innovative and technological solutions by maintaining our after-sales concentration in the same direction.

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