TOGG to Receive 1.500 Staff for the Domestic Automobile Factory

togg will recruit staff for the local auto factory
togg will recruit staff for the local auto factory

There was a critical development in the domestic car TOGG. Turkey's automobile came from a sharing excites social media accounts. From the TOGG account, “In January 220, 1.500 personnel in total were employment will be shared ”message.

Following the completion of the necessary infrastructures for the TOGG domestic car, the first vehicles are planned to be off the mass production line in the last quarter of 2022. The localization rate of vehicles, which is expected to be 51 percent on the road, is expected to reach 2026 percent by 68.

In statements before TOGG CEO Karakas, both domestically and abroad, mainly in his speech at the conference about new transportation models and technologies, 2022 the mid to Turkey's electric vehicle to start driving the market and this tool market to be the date on which autonomous at the same level with their competitors He stated that he would be ready to drive.

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