The Winners of Istanbul Meydan Design Competition Received Their Awards

The winners of the istanbul square design competition received their awards
The winners of the istanbul square design competition received their awards

The owners of the projects that won the contests titled “Istanbul Getting to the Squares” organized by the Istanbul Planning Agency (IPA) established within the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) were awarded with a ceremony. At the ceremony held in the main campus of IMM in Saraçhane; Taksim, Bakirkoy and Kadıköy The projects that won the competitions related to the squares and Salacak beach were introduced by the team managers. At the ceremony held with the participation of IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu, Bakırköy Mayor Bülent Kerimoğlu Kadıköy Mayor Şerdil Dara Odabaşı was also present.

Making the first speech at the ceremony, İPA President Emrah Şahan shared detailed information about the competition process. İmamoğlu, who gave the plaques to the owners of the winning projects, started his speech by saying "It is a very proud moment for me". Pointing out that the ceremony was a very valuable beginning for Istanbul, İmamoğlu said, “There was something we always said from the beginning: We said that we will be absolutely transparent, we will support absolute participation and we will definitely make the common mind, which is the mechanism that will protect us from making the least mistakes, always prevail. We still defend this strongly. The sweetest definition of this for Istanbul is 'Istanbul is yours' ”.

Saying “Istanbul is Yours” and emphasizing that they include every part of the city living in the administration process, Imamoglu said, “Expressing the weekend feeling, the group vice president of the political party said,“ We ​​did it ”. For the first time, I enjoy using the word 'we'. Yes; we did it, we do it, we will continue to do so. Because he is among us, all Istanbulites. Istanbul has money, labor, sweat, and even the power of design, as we see today, ”he said.

Saying, “We are talking about the moments that give Istanbul its identity,” said İmamoğlu, “Here is Taksim Square… It is an area that has signed its signature for a century. With its pain and sweetness, sometimes with very bad memories and sometimes with great enthusiasm, it is a very valuable area of ​​the city. Actually, a Republic Square… When we look at its name from the past as much as Taksim Square, we are talking about a very important area for Istanbul with Gezi Park and its surroundings. Salacak, in my opinion, the beautiful coastline of our Üsküdar coast has the best view in the world. From the Maiden's Tower to the Dolmabahçe Palace. On the one hand, in the historical peninsula; From Topkapi Palace to Sultanahmet, to Hagia Sophia; the place where you greet and see that beautiful silhouette most beautifully. A period in the past KadıköyAs a person from Bakırköy for a long time, Kadıköy We know that Square hosts millions of people and Bakırköy Square hosts millions of people. Therefore, we want these places to turn into the reflection of all our emotions. In other words, that no one is distinguished, embraces everyone, brings everyone together, everyone can speak and express himself; but to enable it to transform into spaces that it can express in a civilized way in a modern way ”.


Istanbul and the winner of the competition organized to Taksim Square, the most important symbols of Turkey's history, the project was 15 consecutively numbered. Prize; Şerif Süveydan, Burcu Sevinç Yılmaz, Rıfat Yılmaz, Süleyman Yıldız, Sezer Bahtiyar, Murat Güvenç and Herman Salm went to the team. The construction of Bakırköy Square will be undertaken by Ali Önalp, Elif Tan, Güney Gültekin, Burak Assistant, Erhan Arslan and Hatice Kübra Öztürk, the architects of the project participating in the contest with number 9. Kadıköy Square will be reshaped by Selahattin Tuysuz, Hasan Sıtkı Gümüşsoy, Erhan Vural, Pelin Tuysuz, Nursen Gümüşsoy Kısar and Serkan Sınmaz, the owners of the project number 26. The implementers of the project number 42, which will change the face of Salacak coasts; Mehmet Cemil Aktaş, Pınar Cut Aktaş, Rümeysa Konuk, Ecem Sevin, Şeyma Kahraman, Ezgi Umut Türkoğlu and Başak İncekara.



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