Record of All Years in Real Estate

The record of all years in real estate was broken
The record of all years in real estate was broken

In Turkey in 2020, 1 million 499 thousand 316 in total, including 2 million 678 thousand 74 residential sales transactions took place. Thus, the record for all years in the real estate sector was broken.

The rate cut had an effect

Stating that the demand for real estate has not decreased despite the pandemic, Hakan Akdoğan, President of the All Entrepreneurial Real Estate Consultants Association (TÜGEM) said, “After the sale of 1 million 499 thousand houses this year, the record of 2017 million 1 in 409 was broken. Particularly, the rate cut during the pandemic period had a great impact on the home sales record of 2 million 1 thousand in second hand sales. In the January-December period, mortgaged housing sales increased by 29 percent and reached 72,4 ”.

Interest of foreigners is high

Stating that house sales to foreigners gave signs of recovery in the last quarter, Akdoğan said, “In the last four months of 2020, 19 thousand 916 houses were sold to foreigners. "These sales are about as much as in the first eight months of 2020," he said.

July leading

Stating that the most sales were realized in July in 2020, Akdoğan said, “229 thousand 357 houses were sold in July. Of these sales, 130 thousand 721 were mortgaged sales. Of these, 91 thousand 469 were second hand sales. After this period, which was the busiest in terms of real estate businesses, the dynamism decreased significantly, especially in the last quarter ”.


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