First Domestic Cars Produced to Ambassadors

The first domestic automobiles produced to the great ambassadors
The first domestic automobiles produced to the great ambassadors

Minister Varank received the Chairman of the Economic Reporters Association (EMD) Turgay Türker and the accompanying board members. Varank Minister, in his statement at the meeting, I hope at the end of 2022 we will see in front of us all together when a vehicle in which Turkey is proud of all of Turkey's Car of the band. He said that the first vehicles that came out, I want to send one to all our embassies in the world.


I explained last year of a timetable for Turkey's Otomobl. 'At the end of this year, we will make a preview of our car. We will lay the foundation of our factory in 2020. At the end of 2022, our vehicles will be off the mass production line. ' There is no change in this calendar as of now. Despite being Covid, we are going in line with the calendar. Our car is really liked. Whoever we showed him liked it very much, our people approach very positively. Since the car issue concerns everyone, there is an ownership. There are criticisms, here is' You work with global companies. You will buy some of the parts from abroad. How is this domestic car? I am giving examples of it. When you look at global supply chains right now, which vehicle is produced 100 percent within the territory of a country? How will you be competitive, you will convince people to buy more? You follow a policy accordingly. We are talking about an automobile whose 100 percent intellectual property rights belong to our country, engineered by our own people - of course there may be other people among its suppliers - and the world automotive industry is developing so fast that we no longer call it a smart product. Turkey, a major automotive manufacturer. A country that exports 33 billion dollars automotive, spare parts and engineering. If you are only a supplier, you can make a transformation depending on headquarters. We ourselves will trigger this ability in Turkey and Turkey's Car, we will develop and create the mobility ecosystem Turkey. There is no problem here. Hopefully this means the end of 2022 we will see a tool against us all together when Turkey is proud of all of the band.


There is something in my heart. I want to send one of the first vehicles to all our embassies around the world so that our ambassadors can proudly get on those vehicles in those countries and travel on the streets of the countries with our cars. Let them show this to the whole world, I have such a dream. He said that if we can achieve this, I think it will be a nice thing.

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