Dynamite Used for Diyarbakır Mazıdağı Railway Line Damaged Houses

Dynamite used for the railway line in diyarbakir mardin damaged houses
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The houses in the surrounding villages were severely damaged due to the dynamite used in the train line, which Cengiz Holding started to construct specifically for mining activities in the region in Diyarbakır.

Houses close to the "Diyarbakır-Mardin Mazıdağı Railway Line", which was specially built for Cengiz Holding, which has the largest share in public tenders and is known for its proximity to the government, were damaged due to the explosions during the works. The dynamite used for the construction of the train line, which Cengiz Holding started specially for carrying raw materials to the Eti Copper Factory in Mazıdağı and the processed products to western provinces, caused damage to the houses in the villages of Çınar.

It was reported that the houses in the village of Pembeviran, one of the points where the railway line passed, had severe damage.


Yakup Yarancı, one of the citizens living in the village where there are close to 30 households, stated that cracks occurred in the villages on the route of the railway line project, which is under construction, as a result of the explosion of dynamite. Stating that there were severe damages in some houses, Yarancı drew attention to the fact that they could not do agriculture and animal husbandry due to the project. “In the past, we used to leave the herd of livestock in the village, animals would find the way, graze and come back to the village. A wall similar to the Great Wall of China has now been built as part of the project. "The soil of the village is divided into two, people cannot graze their animals, they are imprisoned in animals and humans," he said.


Saying that the village was turned into a construction site and became uninhabitable as a result of the explosions, Yarancı noted that this is why it stopped in agriculture and animal husbandry, which are their only means of income. Noting that Çınar is an earthquake zone, Yarancı pointed out that all the buildings in the village will collapse due to a possible earthquake.

Yarancı also stated that they will sue Cengiz Holding. (Source: MA)

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