Stationery Set for 30 Thousand Students from IMM

Stationery set for a thousand students from ibb
Stationery set for a thousand students from ibb

IMM delivers the stationery set support that it cannot reach to schools due to the pandemic it does at the beginning of each academic year, to students' homes. The sets, which started to be distributed with the first days of the new year, consist of notebook types, pencils, erasers, paints and various materials that students will need in their lessons. Within the scope of solidarity, it is aimed to deliver stationery materials to the homes of 30 thousand primary and high school students.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) supports primary and high school students with a stationery set every academic year in order to support families, motivate students and contribute to their success. Stationery sets, which were delivered to schools and delivered to students in their classrooms at the beginning of the academic year, could not be distributed due to the fact that schools could not be opened this year due to Covid-19 and education was conducted remotely.

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluAs frequently emphasized by . The students who will be delivered the sets, which are provided by the IMM Youth and Sports Directorate and made ready for distribution, are determined by the IMM Social Services Directorate.


Stationery sets, which have been started to be distributed since the first days of 2021, are delivered to students' homes with the support of the Public Relations Directorate. The equipment consists of different stationery materials for primary and high school students. The sets include checkered and lined notebooks, a drawing book, dry and crayons, pencil types, erasers, sharpeners, adhesives, rulers and a file where these materials can be put. Reaching about 200 students every day, IMM teams have delivered training sets to about 10 thousand students so far. It is aimed to reach 30 thousand students within the scope of the support.

Providing close support to distance education during the pandemic period, IMM allocated Belnet Internet and Information Access Centers free of charge to students and enabled them to connect to their classes online.

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