Sakarya Smart Bicycle System Became the Most Preferred Transportation Vehicle in 2020

also the sakaryali chose cycling
also the sakaryali chose cycling

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality SAKBİS was rented 2020 thousand times in 62 and became the choice of citizens in transportation with a total of 2,6 million minutes of driving.

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Smart Bicycle System (SAKBİS) became one of the most preferred means of transportation by citizens in 2020. There was a great demand for SAKBIS, which is used by people of all ages, as well as young people, in short distances within the city due to the pandemic process. In the statement, it was stated that SAKBIS, which was rented 2020 thousand times in 62, reached 2,6 million minutes in total, and thanked all interested citizens.

62 bin rental

In the statement made by the Department of Transportation on the subject, it was stated that SAKBİS's made a great contribution to the creation of bicycle awareness in the city and said, “In 2020, our Sakarya citizens preferred bicycles. During the pandemic period where masks, distance and hygiene rules are very important in our country, the interest in SAKBIS has increased considerably. Smart bicycles preferred by people of all ages as well as young people were rented 62 thousand times, and a total of 2,6 million minutes of rides were carried out. We would like to thank all of our fellow townsmen who showed interest in SAKBIS, which provides services with 15 bicycles at 120 different points, and wish you healthy days.

Easy membership opportunity

In the information shared on how to rent SAKBİS, the following statements were made: “From the SAKBİS application to our smart bicycles, is We offer easy membership and lease opportunities from www.kiosks, subscription points and. In the smart bike system, our citizens can perform membership transactions with both a member card and credit card, and enjoy the pleasure of driving easily. We invite all our fellow citizens who want to ride a bicycle to meet SAKBIS and tour the city with SAKBIS.

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