Russia Increases the Quota of Turkish Tomatoes to 250 Thousand Tons

Russia has increased the quota of Turkish tomatoes to a thousand tons
Russia has increased the quota of Turkish tomatoes to a thousand tons

The Russian Federation has signed a decision that will give Turkish tomato exporters a breath of fresh air for 6 months. Turkey tomato exports to the Russian Federation from 200 thousand tons in the quota was filled last month. This decision of the Russian Federation means that Turkish tomato exporters breathe for 2019 months, according to their 6 performance.

fresh fruit and vegetable exporters association presidents across Turkey with 9 partners announced their December 2020 "" the abolition of quotas in tomato exports to Russia, we want to return to pre-2015 ", they demanded.

As a result of negotiations between Turkey and the Russian Federation Russia, tomato quotas on imports from Turkey increased to 50 thousand tons.

Minister Pekcan; "Good luck to our farmers and exporters"

Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan announced in the social media accounts of Russia's imports of tomatoes from Turkey announced that the increase of 50 thousand tons. Pekcan also underlined that the decision will be implemented in 10 days. Minister Pekcan, "Good luck to our farmers and exporters." used the expressions.

Airplane; "The expectation of the sector is to abolish the quota completely"

Aegean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters Association Chairman Hayrettin aircraft, Russia's quota of tomatoes imported from Turkey is gratifying increase of 50 thousand tons, noted that the sector is complete removal of the quotas of expectations.

Turkey's 2020 in tomato exports 3 percent increase to 313 million dollars to increase the knowledge of that aircraft, "Our exports tomatoes to Russia in the process to increase our Tomato exports 28 percent, down from 86 million dollars, 62 million dollars of. The biggest factor in the export quota of tomatoes from Turkey to Russia this fall. If this quota is lifted, we can carry our tomato export to Russia over 100 million dollars. Russian people love and demand Turkish tomatoes. "Not only we, but also the Russian people want this quota to be lifted completely."

Trade Minister Ruhsar described by Pekcan and Turkey applied to the tomato quota of 250 thousand tons exporters delights that transfers the President Flight of the words of the emergence and continued: "Our President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan and Agriculture and Forestry Minister Dr. As a result of the intense diplomacy traffic conducted by Bekir Pakdemirli, the problem was resolved in the medium term before it got bigger. Our exporters exported 2019 thousand tons of fresh tomatoes to Russia in 98. If we repeat this performance, our problem seems to have been resolved for 6 months. We know that negotiations are continuing for the quota to be lifted completely. I hope we hear that he is completely lifted. "

Turkey with 14 million tons of annual production in the fourth largest producer of tomatoes in the world. Turkey, in 2020 522 thousand 752 tons of tomatoes exports of 52 million 313 thousand dollars in exchange for the 405 countries exported tomatoes.

While Russia was at the top with Turkish tomato imports with an amount of 62,2 million dollars, Romania demanded 50,3 million dollars and Ukraine 36,5 million dollars.

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