Life and Friend Insurance for Pets

Personal life insurance for pets
Personal life insurance for pets

Magdeburger Insurance makes a difference in the pet insurance category with the Life Friend Insurance it offers exclusively for pets.

Can Dostum Insurance, which allows the preparation of a special policy for the insured pet, draws attention with its high coverage limits and the personal accident coverage offered to pet owners. This insurance is valid for cats and dogs whose vaccinations have been completed, over 6 months and under 10 years old.

Under the Can Dostum Insurance policy; offers free of charge examination, nail cutting, eye and ear cleaning services once a year at contracted veterinarians. In the insurance package that covers the treatment services that may be needed in emergencies that may occur to pets up to 10 thousand TL with the contracted veterinarians; Lost search announcement and reward coverage costs for finding the pet are also covered with 1000 TL. The policy also includes separate coverage of 10 thousand TL for the pet owner for personal accident and 3 thousand TL for damages that pets may cause to third parties.

For detailed information about Magdeburger Insurance's Life Friend Insurance, Magdeburger Insurance authorized agents or can be reached from.

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