One of the country where Turkey Cyber ​​Attack of the Show Most Growth

One of the very growth of the countries where turkey cyber attacks
One of the very growth of the countries where turkey cyber attacks

📩 11/01/2021 11:41

2020 has been a very active year for the cyber security industry with the impact of the pandemic. As the number of cyber attacks increased, the attacks diversified. Globally, the cost of losses from cyber attacks during the year exceeded $ 3 trillion. Turkey was one of the countries that showed the most growth of cyber attacks. Turkey in the first 10 months of the year more than 102 thousand cyber attacks took place. The attacks have mainly targeted the technology, e-commerce, public, finance, energy and health sector.

2020 has been an unusual year for the cybersecurity industry. With the Covid-19 pandemic, which has affected the whole world, the shift of work, education and trade to online increased cyber security vulnerabilities. According to the Global Risks Report of the World Economic Forum, cybercrime is committed every 39 seconds in the world. Turkey was one of the countries where this whole process showed the most increase in cyber attacks. With the data shared by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, more than 2020 thousand cyber attacks took place in the first 10 months of 102. While this number was 2018 thousand in 73, it increased to 2019 thousand in 150. It was the address of technology and e-commerce sectors of attacks in Turkey. Public, banking, finance and energy and health sector followed them.

Among the types of cyber attacks carried out, Distributed Denial of Service attacks that aim to prevent the victim systems from working by sending high volume of traffic from different points and attacks against remote desktop access protocols were the first among the types of cyber attacks. In addition, the attacks continued at full speed, with the capture of confidential information through fishing attacks, ransomware attacks, and testing stolen credentials collected from data leaks on different sites.

"We grew 30 percent"

Stating that cyber security has become more prominent than ever with the transfer of business, education, shopping and entertainment to online due to the pandemic in 2020, Innovera General Manager Murat Tora states that this situation increases awareness. Stating that besides all these developments, they also left behind a very successful year as a company, making the following assessment of the year:

“Despite all the negative developments and economic contraction in the world, we, as Innovera, closed the year 2020 with a growth of approximately 30 percent. Apart from this, I can say that it was a year in which we made different strategic decisions. We sold AtarLabs, which came out of Innovera, to Micro Focus, the seventh largest company in the world. A technology we developed was bought by a world giant company. Moreover, the R & D department of Micro Focus continues its activities in Turkey as part and continue to create value for these countries. In addition to Cyberwis year as Innover and Turkey in recent days, we have signed the decision to perform one of the largest merger in the cyber security field. This was a step in line with our strategy of regional expansion and inorganic growth, which we set ourselves as a target. We believe that the merger will have very positive results for both companies and all our stakeholders and customers. This merger with Turkey in the field of cyber security expert staff of the broadest, most comprehensive product and service network, we aim to be the company with the most powerful economic structures and create one of the strongest players. So 2020 has been pretty good for us despite the pandemic. "

Investments grew below expectations

While cyber security risks increased with the pandemic worldwide, cyber security investments grew below expectations due to the contraction in the economy. According to Gartner, the volume of the international cybersecurity market was $ 2019 billion in 120,9, but it grew by only 2020 percent in 2,4 despite increasing attacks, reaching $ 123 billion.

Throughout the year, cyber security was at the top of the agenda of countries. In the World Economic Forum's Global Risks Report, cyber attacks ranked among the most important risks. Again, according to the report, the public, retail and technology sectors stood out as the target of cyber attacks with 95 percent.

The cost of losses from cyber attacks has also increased. It is estimated that the cyberattacks that caused a loss of 2019 trillion dollars in 3, exceeded this figure in 2020. According to the C-Suite Cyber ​​Risk Report prepared by Aon with the Financial Times, losses from cyber attacks are expected to reach $ 2021 trillion in 6.

Various institutions have also confirmed the increase in the number of attacks during the year. In 2020, the World Health Organization announced that the attacks against it increased 5 times. FBA reported a 300 percent increase in attacks, and a 400 percent increase in Interpol.

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