More Than 2 Thousand Journalists Go to the Frontline in the Covid-19 Outbreak

More than a thousand journalists went to ten fronts in the covid outbreak
More than a thousand journalists went to ten fronts in the covid outbreak

In his speech on the morning of January 1, 2021, Shen Haixiong, President of the Chinese Media Group (CMG), celebrated the New Year of all audiences on China International Radio broadcasts and the internet. CMG President Shen Haixiong reminded that 2021 is the year of the bull according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar, “The bull, which contributes greatly to civilization and plays an important role in agricultural activities, is a hardworking, energetic and powerful animal that resists hardships in the eyes of the Chinese. On this occasion, I wish you a nice New Year from Beijing and wish you to be healthy and strong like a bull in the new year ”.

Stating that 2020 brings great difficulties to the world, Shen stated that the Chinese people, under the leadership of President Xi Jinping, have made significant progress in preventing and controlling the epidemic by fighting hard against the epidemic, “Today, the epidemic continues to spread rapidly in many countries of the world. We share the suffering of the people of different countries. "Our only desire is for every country to overcome the difficulties and for everyone to be healthy."

Stating that the Chinese media also gave a good test during this period, Shen said, “As a media member, it is our most important responsibility to report the facts. In the early days of the epidemic, more than 2 colleagues went to the front lines of fighting the epidemic in China. Programs such as the documentary titled 'Let's Fight Together With the Epidemic', which was translated into many languages ​​with live connections made by reporters from the sick wards called the 'red zone', objectively showed the world the real situation in the fight against the epidemic in China.

In this process, Shen reminded that medical experts from different countries were invited to the "Front Against Covid-19" program prepared by CMG and shared the experiences of Chinese health experts who were at the front of the program, Richard Horton, the Editor-in-Chief of The Lancet, one of the world's leading academic journals, and By conducting exclusive interviews with people such as Peter Forster, the first author of the variation report of Cambridge University's Covid-19 virus, he said that the rumors about the epidemic were disproved by scientific data.

"We signed a joint China-USA documentary"

Stating that they were in contact with the leading media organizations of many countries and exchanged views during the epidemic period, Shen said, “The China Media Group has also deepened its cooperation via cloud with more than 100 media organizations from many countries in Europe and Latin America. Within the scope of the contacts, the steps to be taken in the fight against the epidemic were discussed and institutional cooperation was established with many media organizations.

Stating that they made a special effort to announce the developments in China to both the Chinese people and the world, Shen said that thanks to these approaches, many developments attracted great attention in the world public opinion. Emphasizing that they recorded the struggle of 100 million people in China to get out of poverty with a joint production of China and the USA and a multi-lingual documentary entitled "Fighting Poverty in China", Shen emphasized that they implemented programs such as "Global Action Initiative 2020-Poverty Reduction", also stated that they are strengthening.

"We will continue to fulfill our responsibility"

"We used '5G + 10K / 5K + AI' technologies to seamlessly convey great scientific exploration studies such as China's Chang'e-4's journey to the Moon and the" Fengdouzhe "submarine diving to a depth of 8 thousand meters to the audience," he said. Shen concluded his New Year's speech as follows: I always believe that the lifeblood of the media is the truth. Reliable news and reliable information reflect the responsibility and character of the media. Unfortunately, some media outlets published news about China where justice was replaced by prejudice and truths instead of lies. Both in combating the Covid-19 outbreak, and in Hong Kong, Xinjang, etc. they made fake news on matters; they added unreal information, even fantasies, to their news.

Opinions may differ, but there is only one truth: In the new year, global media professionals have a responsibility to prevent the international public from being exposed to lies. There is a famous saying in Europe: There are many friends of the truth. In the new year, China Media Group will continue to fulfill its responsibilities as an international mainstream media organization, maintaining its objective and fair stance, and conveying the truth, the voice of justice and the beauty of civilization to the whole world.

Source: China International Radio

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