Minister Varank Examines Ford Otosan's New Investment Activities in Kocaeli On Site

Minister Varank examined the new investment works of Ford Otosan in Kocaeli on site
Minister Varank examined the new investment works of Ford Otosan in Kocaeli on site

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank visited Ford Otosan Kocaeli Plants to examine Ford Otosan's long-term investment in the upcoming period. At Ford Otosan, acting with the understanding of 'Equality at Work' and operating with the aim of increasing the number of women employees in the automotive sector, Minister Varank listened to his work on electric vehicles and new investment plans from engineers, technicians and field workers.

Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank, Governor of Kocaeli Seddar Yavuz and Mayor of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Tahir Büyükakın visited Ford Otosan's Kocaeli Plants, and with a new investment of 20,5 billion TL planned within the scope of the company's incentive decision announced by the Presidency last month. He received information on the developments regarding the production of new generation vehicles and the Battery Assembly Factory to be commissioned by 2022. While visiting the Rechargeable Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) Workshop, Minister Varank praised the projects Ford Otosan, which employs approximately 2 women, to increase the number of female employees, and congratulated the authorities.

Varank: "The project will improve the competitiveness of Turkey in the global arena"

Drawing attention to the electric vehicle revolution in the automotive industry all over the world, Minister Varank said, “The new investment decision of Ford Otosan, one of the leading manufacturers of the automotive industry, regarding the production of next generation commercial vehicles and batteries will provide a significant additional added value to our country's economy. With this investment, fully electric vehicles and their batteries will be produced in Kocaeli in accordance with the trends in the world. This will contribute to our country's becoming an important center in electric vehicle production. This investment is an indication of confidence in Turkey. "Our competitive power in the global arena will increase even more with investments that will be a driving force in our country's qualified employment and automotive industry ecosystem."

Yenigün: "We will increase the number of our female employees within the scope of the new investment plan"

Stating that they continue to invest in new generation commercial vehicles to lead the transformation of the automotive industry, Ford Otosan General Manager Haydar Yenigün said: “As Ford Otosan, with the investments we have made for 60 years, we have become Ford's largest production base in commercial vehicles in Europe. . As a result of this investment, we will indirectly create 18 thousand new employment opportunities in the Turkish automotive industry with our suppliers and the entire ecosystem. As Ford Otosan, we also have a goal to increase the female workforce in the automotive sector, where there is no equal representation. With the understanding of "Equality at Work", we aim to spread equality of opportunity in business life to the entire sector, especially the participation of women employees in business life. Employment of women in Turkey as the leading company in the automotive sector, to increase the number of women in our production facilities under our new investment plans and promote equal representation in the management team, we will continue to work with the target. "

Opportunities are offered for female employees with the understanding of 'Equality at Work'

At Ford Otosan, which has an employment of approximately 12 thousand people and is the leader of women's employment in the automotive sector, 2 of the total employees are women. Female employees take part in many critical processes including engineering, technician and various positions in the field.

Aiming to increase women's employment in every field, Ford Otosan provides free training for women candidates who want to improve their skills in different fields. In addition, Ford Otosan aims to contribute to the development of women employees through development programs that include women working at its production facilities, and to ensure that female candidates have equal representation in their appointment / promotion processes.

Ford Otosan continues its efforts to raise awareness on gender equality in all of its suppliers in the value chain. Ford Otosan, which touched 30 thousand people as a result of the suppliers completing their own internal trainings with the cooperation of AÇEV, also managed to achieve a significant increase in the number of female employees at its suppliers for 3 years.

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