Kültürpark and Covid-19 Presentation in Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council

Presentation of kulturpark and coronavirus in Izmir Buyuksehir Municipality Council
Presentation of kulturpark and coronavirus in Izmir Buyuksehir Municipality Council

In the last meeting of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council in January, the council members were presented with the new conservation development plan prepared by Izmir Municipality for Kültürpark, the Covid-19 outbreak and vaccination works.

The third meeting of the January ordinary meeting of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council was held at the Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center under the direction of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Mustafa Özuslu. First of all, Ege University Faculty of Medicine Basic Medical Sciences Parasitology Department Lecturer and President of Vaccine Science Association Prof. Dr. Yüksel Gürüz made a presentation to the council members on vaccination studies that will prevent the Covid-19 epidemic and disease. Gürüz stated that in his presentation, where he mentioned the importance of vaccination, the protection percentages of the Chinese vaccine were discussed, but the rate of effectiveness in preventing the vaccine from taking it to intensive care increased to 100 percent.

It was worked on for a year

After Gürüz, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Suphi Şahin made a presentation on the Kültürpark Conservation Development Plan prepared by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. Referring to the planning processes of Kültürpark between 1985 and 2016, Şahin gave information about the new zoning plan that was discussed in the specialized commissions in the parliament this month. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor of the new zoning plan Tunç SoyerPointing out that the area in question was prepared in a participatory process, taking into account the nature, nature and historical characteristics of the area, and the sensitivity of the citizens here, Şahin said, “Before the preparation of the conservation plan, requests were received by holding a search conference, a team of experts from professional chambers was formed and a year-long course of action was taken. meetings were held and the process was carried out. A plant inventory related to the flora of Kültürpark was made. While preparing the fauna, the animal species, the living and accommodation of animal species were observed by the expert team. The effect on the urban ecosystem was examined, there were sensitivities regarding the carrying capacity. These were evaluated by the expert team, and the building inventory was overhauled. An inventory of the sculptures in the area was taken. Over the course of 12 months, the whole system was revised on these main topics and became the data of the conservation plan.”

This plan is very important for the fair to survive and develop.

Stating that the Kültürpark Commission Evaluation Report was prepared as a result of all this work, Şahin said: “A vision definition regarding the area has been made. Along with the history and nature of the fair, from the place of fire to the international fair, the vision that will unite the public university that Behçet Uz dreamed of with today's information society was taken as basis. Ecological sensitive areas were determined. Analyzes were made until the animal species stayed overnight. This area has been marked to ensure that attention is paid to this area in any future construction or activities. Green corridors have been increased. We transfer all reports to our council members. We limited the 27 thousand square meters of the existing halls to 12 thousand square meters. We are gaining more than half of the area on the ground as green space for the fair. We protect proprietary structures. We process the issues previously included in the words and reports into the plan notes. Again, we put the management and operating model that did not exist before in the plan notes. The public had sensitivities about the large number of people entering and leaving the fair at once, and the carrying capacity. Both these and the way and possibility of the activities entered into the provisions of the plan note. The conservation development plan prepared by our municipality includes new, different plan notes about the life of Kültürpark while preserving its history and nature. These are important and valuable elements for the survival and development of the fair. It is also very important that the fair is included in the plan notes as an important axis in combining the whole green texture of the city. "

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