Is HES Code Izmirim Card Pairing Continuing?

Account code izmirim card matching continues
Account code izmirim card matching continues

In accordance with the decision taken by the Provincial Hygiene Board of the Governorship of İzmir within the scope of combating the pandemic; The application of using Izmirim Cards with HES Code defined for boarding in urban public transportation vehicles started on Monday, January 11th. It was observed that more than 85 percent of the actively used Izmirim Cards were identified. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality called on the citizens who have not done the transaction yet, "Match your Izmirim Card with your HES code to avoid suffering".

In accordance with the circular issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs within the scope of combating the pandemic and the decision of the İzmir Governorship Provincial Hygiene Board, it was mandatory to define personal HES codes for İzmirim Cards used for boarding public transportation vehicles. Following the announcements made since October 30th, as of Monday, January 11, İzmirim Cards, whose HES codes are not defined, have been prevented from boarding public transportation vehicles.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality ESHOT General Manager Erhan Bey said that on the first day of the application, there was no major problem in the city. Noting that more than 30 percent of İzmirim Cards, which have been actively used since October 85, the HES Code is defined, “The identification process continues. Those who have not yet made this transaction need to match the HES code with the Izmirim Card they use in order to continue to benefit from urban public transportation. "This is a very simple process that can be done in a few minutes."

Don't forget to enter the code

When examining the situation of citizens who stated that they could not do the identification process online, the two biggest flaws were “wrong writing of personal information” and “not entering the confirmation code sent to the mobile phone”, Mr. Bey said, “Please enter our information carefully. Let's not forget to enter the confirmation code sent to the mobile phone in the last section. If you pay attention to these, there will be no problems. The system runs smoothly, ”he said.

Cards are not "void"!

On the other hand, Mr. Bey said that they saw a perception in the public that “İzmirim Cards, which are not defined as HEPP Code”, “cannot be used again” and emphasized that İzmirim Cards are not “invalid”. He said that after the personal HEPP Code is defined, it can be used in public transportation as before.

How is pairing done?

The General Directorate of ESHOT has created a special website for citizens to match their HES codes and TR ID numbers with the Izmirim Card they use. On the website at the address "", only one Izmirim Card can be paired. Personalized (with photo) or bearer all Izmirim Cards must be matched with personal HES codes. The site, which is designed to be very easy to use, can be registered by entering the requested information. In addition, the digital information kiosks of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, subway stations, ferry ports, various service buildings and social facilities are paired.

There are also help desks

On the other hand, for those who do not have internet capability or who cannot perform transactions on digital channels, Bornova, Halkapınar, Çankaya, Konak, Üçyol, Göztepe and Fahrettin Altay metro stations; Airport, ESBAŞ, Sirinyer, Crescent, Halkapınar, Alsancak, Salhane, KarşıyakaAt Demirköprü and Çiğli İZBAN stations; KarşıyakaAt Konak and Bostanlı ferry ports; Help desks were set up in Konak Bahri Baba Transfer Center. Computerized personnel working here provide face-to-face services to citizens and match HES codes with Izmirim Cards.

No "deadline" for over 65 and disabled people

Citizens over the age of 65 who benefit from public transportation free of charge and those with a disability report of 40 percent or more must issue an Izmirim Card with photo and match their HES codes within the scope of the decisions to combat the pandemic. However, January 11, 2021 is not the 'deadline' for people with disabilities over the age of 65. Because the use of public transportation for those over the age of 65 is prohibited by the Ministry of Interior circular. Disabled citizens, on the other hand, have to apply to the card units in person due to the obligation to submit their reports. The parents or guardians of the severely mentally disabled and disabled citizens under the age of 18 can do the application procedures. The card units prepare and deliver the photographed Izmirim Cards to the applicants in a few minutes. Citizens over the age of 65 can apply for their card both http://www.izm He can do it both personally and at Then photographed Izmirim Cards; It can be purchased from card centers in Konak, Bostanlı İskele, Fahrettin Altay and Bornova Metro. İzmirim Cards are given free of charge to citizens over 65 and disabled.

Card application in surrounding districts

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, in districts outside the metropolitan area; Local service units were commissioned to “take on site” applications for over 65, disabled, 60 years old, student and teacher card applications. Those who apply for 65-year-old, 60-year-old, student and teacher card via the internet address; will be able to get their cards from local service units. Citizens with a disability report of 40 percent or more, whose application cannot be received online, will be able to apply to the local service units with the requested documents (a certified copy of the disability report as the original or original, a biometric photo and identity card). Citizens will be able to purchase their personalized (with photo) Izmirim Cards from local service units without having to come to the city center.

Boarding information to the ministry

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has been sharing the Izmirim Card boarding information with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey every day since October 30 within the scope of efforts to combat the pandemic. After the actively used Izmirim Cards are matched with the HES codes, all boardings made to public transportation vehicles in the city will be monitored electronically. Thus, patients or people with contact will be prevented from using public transportation. While the Ministry should be in quarantine, it will identify patients or contact persons using public transportation and initiate criminal proceedings.

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