Citizens Interest In Easy Application With Your Life Identity

Intense interest from citizens for easy application with your life identity
Intense interest from citizens for easy application with your life identity

The application of Life is Easy with Your Identity, which was launched on September 21, 2020 after the introduction of Süleyman Soylu, Minister of Interior, continues to attract great interest from citizens. From the application where the information in the new generation driver's license is integrated free of charge into the chip ID card; A total of 800 thousand people have benefited so far.

The Most Demand for Implementation From Istanbul

The application, which eliminates the obligation of citizens to have a driver's license with them in traffic, came from Istanbul with the highest demand with 117 thousand 898 people. Istanbul was followed by Ankara, Antalya and Izmir, respectively.

Young people also showed great interest in the application

Although it has been only three months since the implementation of "Life is Easy with Your Identity", 18 thousand 25 young people between the ages of 111 and 737 have benefited from the application.

Domestic and National Software Used

Located in the Republic of Turkey Identity Card from the operating system, all software on the ID card process until the publication of the identity card with the receipt of the application by the Ministry of Interior was developed as local and national engineers.

NVI Call Center Alo 199 or Can apply by making an appointment at.

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