Children Have a Efficient Semester

Guys, you can have a fruitful time
Guys, you can have a fruitful time

As of January 22, the 3-week semester break starts for students. This year, the semester is planned for 2 weeks, not 3, within the scope of corona measures, and a 1-week break in April was added to the semester.

Throughout the school period, every child carries an intense responsibility, whether they are successful in their lessons or not. He is constantly expected to fulfill some duties and is frequently warned about these responsibilities. During all the time spent at school, he is expected to learn something and his learning is also tested. In addition, there is a control and warning of the family at home. Naturally, every child needs a vacation after such an intensity. There are some points that families should be careful about during the holiday process. Especially children who have lesson failure or who have difficulties in doing homework or studying can be kept under more pressure by their families. However, it should not be forgotten that these children also need a holiday.

  • During the holiday, children should be provided with activities that they will enjoy, in line with their interests and abilities. The holiday period is an opportunity especially for parents who cannot take care of their children sufficiently during the school period and cannot have a pleasant time together. During this period, the best gift you will give to our children will be the attention and time you will give them.
  • It will be useful to spend time with the child during this holiday, to be with the child as much as possible, to listen to him, to try to learn his feelings and thoughts, and to share your own emotions with him.
  • If the child has problems with the lessons, instead of emphasizing and criticizing it, it is necessary to try to spend time together in a way that will enable him to get away from this distress and to increase the quality of the parent-child relationship.

The holiday can also be an opportunity for children to reinforce unlearned and unrecognized topics. However, while this is achieved, instead of filling the whole day with lessons, it is necessary to use certain hours of the day to support the child and to complete the deficiencies without boring and battering. During this period, it will be enough not to leave the lessons with light repetitions and homework.

  • It is important to get his support and approval while preparing a holiday program. For example, if we aim to work one hour a day, it would be appropriate to get the child's opinion on what time of day this hour will be.
  • While the program is being made, attention should be paid not only to emphasizing the working time, but also to give importance to the fact that it is in fun activities and to include the time you will spend with him in this program.
  • If your child will spend most of the holiday at home with you, care should be taken about television and computer use. Because children can demand unlimited usage rights in this regard. This will create a negative effect on the contrary to the enrichment of the social lives of the children, the refreshing and resting of their mental processes. For this reason, television and computer times should be kept under control without going too far.

Students often think that the holidays will pass in the blink of an eye. However, this year, when the semester hours are calculated, it will take 21 days X24 hours = 504 hours.

In a little of these 504 hours, even if you read a book, eat, sleep, rest, watch movies-series, play games, study, time still remains. Since most of the time will be spent at home due to the pandemic, it is important to plan activities that will support children and young people to protect their mental health. You can use the following suggestions for this planning:

  • Read at least 20 minutes every day. We feed our brains by reading, we can understand more accurately and quickly, we can strengthen our memory, we can improve our vocabulary.
  • Start free online courses that teach foreign languages ​​in digital environments,
  • Grow plants
  • Play Chess, Square, Hook Puzzle and Solve Sudoku.
  • Make a picture,
  • Play an instrument,
  • Take care of culinary work, improve your skills (brewing morning tea, making Turkish coffee, etc.)
  • Take more responsibility for housework. (Ironing, emptying the dishwasher, changing your own bed linen, vacuuming the house, etc.)
  • Teach a lesson to a student in need online,
  • Do research on a topic that you will determine in cooperation with your friends,
  • Make a short film at home. Using a video camera or mobile phone's camera, you can record what you do at home during the day, the moments you spend with the family, and distribute roles to the family members and watch them as a family.
  • Create water and food areas for stray animals.
  • By reviewing the family photo album and looking at old photos, sohbet Check.
  • Outdoor sports, hiking, cycling in safe areas. It is extremely beneficial for your physical and spiritual development.
  • Separate toys, clothes, shoes, books, stationery, etc. that are more than they need to give them to those who need them.
  • Spend 24 hours without technology. Do not put anything technological in your life that day.

A more intense period awaits 8th and 12th grade students after the semester.

If you have an aim to achieve your goals in national tests, 'I'll work for this tomorrow too ' You don't have the luxury to say. It is important that you identify your shortcomings and proceed at least in parallel with the school, without getting behind. For university exam candidates, there must be a period in which TYT subjects have been learned and the arms will be plastered for AYT. In addition to repeating the course and listening to the lesson in the lesson, taking tests and taking mock exams are indispensable for exam preparation. The more questions you solve, the more you clarify the subject in your mind and make your knowledge available. It is even more valuable to go after every problem you made wrong and / or leave blank and to learn the correct one than solving a test. Trial exams are like Magnifying Mirrors. When we come across these mirrors, we see ourselves in all its details. Trial exams;

  • To see your subject deficiencies,
  • Familiarity with question types,
  • Use the exam time effectively,
  • To beat the excitement of the exam,
  • To follow the development process of your own score,

that will allow you to be ready for the real exam.

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