The First Movements in the Tourism Sector Happens in the Domestic Market

First mobilization in the tourism sector is in the domestic market
First mobilization in the tourism sector is in the domestic market

The New Type of Coronavirus (Covid-19), declared as a pandemic on a global scale, continues to be seriously affected not only in the health sector but also in many areas.

One of these areas is 'Tourism', which deeply feels the restrictions applied to slow the spread of the virus. So much so that according to the latest data of the World Tourism Organization, it is seen that international tourism has lost almost 1 trillion dollars. Underlining that they cannot foresee when we will be able to travel freely again for business or leisure purposes, Yaşar Çelik, CEO of, said, “The results of vaccination studies will affect us closely as well as many business lines. The revival of global tourism may be long, so we expect the first mobilization in the domestic market, ”he said.

Our travels have decreased due to the restrictions taken to slow the transmission rate of the New Type Coronavirus (Covid-19) virus. While this situation caused damage to the tourism sector, which is an important dynamic of the economy, it also brought losses. The sector, which is hoping with vaccination studies, closely follows the developments.

We chose the plane instead of the bus

Drawing attention to the fact that the current process will create differences in the travels that people will take in the upcoming periods, CEO Yaşar Çelik said, “One issue draws our attention in the travels during the pandemic process. Having 50 percent capacity in buses and long travel times led people to plane tickets. As a matter of fact, plane travels are past bus travels. But research shows the losses more clearly. "Airlines lost 55 percent of their revenue, according to the latest research."


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