Eye Migraine Spreads in Pandemic

pandemic increased eye complaints
pandemic increased eye complaints

Our eyes are one of the organs most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic for months. Being locked on the screen for hours due to long hours of digital meetings or distance education increased eye complaints in both adults and children.

Acıbadem Bakırköy Hospital Eye Diseases Specialist Dr. Emel Colakoglupopularly defined as 'eye migraine'; Stating that the sharp pain that starts in the eyeball and spreads to the same side head half is seen in more and more people, he says that some rules will not be neglected. Eye Diseases Specialist Dr. Emel Çolakoğlu explained the widespread eye complaints and precautions to be taken in the pandemic, and made important warnings and suggestions.

Migraine, which significantly reduces the quality of life with severe headache, has now become an important problem in the eyes. Acıbadem Bakırköy Hospital Eye Diseases Specialist Dr. Emel Colakoglu, Stating that the disease, which is called 'eye migraine' among the people, has become increasingly widespread with the active use of the eyes for months during the pandemic process, “Both adults and children, due to the increase in the time spent in front of the computer, decrease the number of blinking, shortening of sleep times, blue light intensity reflected from the screen and air conditioning. Dry eyes, burning in the eyes, stinging, pity and watering complaints have intensified recently. In addition, pains that are triggered by sleep disorders and stress and that begin around the eyes, spread to the head. This situation, which we can define as eye migraine, also manifests itself with the light in the eye, lines around the lights, and sharp pains spreading to the head reduce the quality of life and prevent concentration. " says.

These rules are critical for eye health!

Emphasizing that during the Covid-19 pandemic process, the rules necessary for eye health can be neglected during home working, digital meetings, and distance education, therefore, an increase in eye diseases is observed. Emel Çolakoğlu says that long-term close focus strains the force of adaptation, especially in developmental children, and leads to the progression of myopia. Emphasizing that during the day, the eyes should be rested by closing the eyes, not forgetting to blink at the screen, keeping the screen illumination at a lower level than the environment, taking care to keep the distance between our eyes and the screen 50-55 cm, and focusing on the monitor for 20 seconds every 20 minutes from 5-6 meters away. Eye Diseases Specialist Dr. Emel Çolakoğlu says these measures are critical to protecting eye health.

Healthy eating and quality sleep are essential!

To protect eye health; In addition to environmental measures, nonsmoking environment, quality and sufficient sleep and healthy nutrition are also a must. Dr. Emel Çolakoğlu stated that sleeping an average of 7-8 hours in a well-ventilated and lightless room will rest our eyes as well as our whole body; He notes that a healthy and balanced diet, especially foods such as carrots, oranges, cabbage and spinach, should not be missing from the table.

Do not underestimate eye redness!

Among the most common complaints in the eyes; Conjoctivitis, which causes redness, burring, watering and stinging, can develop in 19-1 percent of Covid-3 patients; Ophthalmology Specialist Dr. Ophthalmologist, who stated that fever and weakness and diarrhea in children can often be seen with conjunctivitis. Emel Çolakoğlu says, “When similar complaints occur in the eye, since the causative bacteria, other viruses and allergies may also occur, physician control is very important for this reason”. Dr. Emel Çolakoğlu stated that it is important to use glasses instead of contact lenses, not to rub the eyes, to take care of hand hygiene and to use paper towels in order to prevent Covid-19 from being transmitted through the eyes, saying: “This virus can be transmitted to our eyes in two ways. The virus is transmitted when the eyes are touched after touching an item with a virus on it, such as a table or door handle. Sometimes, viruses scattered around during the cough, sneezing or loud speech of the other person enter our eyes.

To prevent the lenses from fogging!

Wearing glasses while wearing a mask is sometimes uncomfortable. Dr. Emel Çolakoğlu makes the following suggestions to prevent the lenses from fogging due to the mask:

  • By holding the stringy part of the mask on top, you can tighten it according to your nose; You can stick with double-sided tape.
  • You can obtain an anti-fog spray or cloth from the optics. However, do not use often to prevent the anti-reflective properties of the glass.
  • You can have an anti-fog coating on your lens.
  • You can wash the lenses twice a day with liquid soap. After washing, it should be left to dry automatically. Soapy water will leave a thin film layer on the glass and by reducing the surface tension, it will prevent the water molecules from forming a mist layer.


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