Exorbitant Price Inspection for Basic Needs Products by the Ministry of Trade

Exorbitant price control was carried out for basic necessity products by the ministry of trade
Exorbitant price control was carried out for basic necessity products by the ministry of trade

Ministry of Commerce, examined the basic needs items in the supply-demand balance for determination of price increases incompatible with the purpose of the inspections carried across Turkey on January 19 to 20 562, 9 thousand 870 items of business on the basis of price.

The data obtained as a result of the examination will be evaluated by the Unfair Price Evaluation Board and after the defense of the companies, an administrative fine of 10 thousand to 100 thousand lira will be imposed on those who are found to have an unfair price increase, and from 50 thousand to 500 thousand lira for those who are found to engage in stocking activities.

Inspections increased in sunflower oil, egg, chicken and baby food prices

Under the coordination of the Ministry of Trade, the Unfair Price Evaluation Board, which consists of representatives of the Ministries of Justice, Treasury and Finance, Industry and Technology, Agriculture and Forestry, TOBB, TESK, producer and consumer organizations, and the retail sector, has resolved 3 thousand 208 files so far. It decided to impose an administrative fine of 375 million 11 thousand Turkish lira to 885 companies, which are considered to have made an exorbitant price increase in basic necessities such as cleaning and hygiene products.

However, following the complaints and applications of exorbitant price increases for sunflower oil, eggs, chicken, baby food products that have recently been submitted to the Ministry and are among the basic food products, while the inspections on these products have increased, the manufacturer / importer / supplier and the sales of these products to consumers Defense was sought from some local and national markets.

As a result of the evaluation of the information and documents received, necessary sanctions will be imposed on those who are determined to cause an unfair price increase.

Advisory Board inspections did not slow down

On the other hand, as a result of the investigations carried out by the Ad Board, a total of 2020 million lira administrative fines were imposed on 19 companies that made exorbitant increases in the prices of products in 303 and tried to turn the Kovid-13,3 epidemic into an opportunity through deceptive advertisements.

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