Eurasia Tunnel Tolls are Increased Again

Eurasia tunnel crossing fee is higher again
Eurasia tunnel crossing fee is higher again

It is estimated that the Eurasia Tunnel will hike 1% as of February 20.8 According to the calculations made according to the contract, the one-way passage fee through the tunnel will be 43.98 TL. The state will pay the company 2020 million TL only for the year 472 due to the vehicle pass guarantee it gives.

Guarantee fees due to tools provided in the Articles of Turkey is shown as a black hole comes to the economy Eurasia Tunnel toll hike again.

The vehicle toll, which is currently 36,40 TL, will be raised again on February 1, according to the contract. It is estimated that the toll fee for 2021 will be 1 TL over 7,50 dollar = 43.98 TL. The raise rate to be made with this calculation will reach approximately 20.8 percent.

Crossing Bridges Increased

The Eurasia Tunnel, which was built to take the burden of the bridges, did not reduce the number of vehicles passing through the FSM and 15 July Martyrs bridges. Citizens prefer Ferry and Marmaray instead of Eurasia Tunnel due to high fees.

While the number of vehicles passing in the Eurasia Tunnel in 2018 was 17, 556 vehicles were passed after the increase in 2019. Due to the pandemic in 17, this number decreased to 271 million vehicles.

How to Calculate Toll

The toll is calculated twice each year. In addition to the $ 4 per vehicle in the contract, the vehicle toll, US inflation increase (cumulative 10-year inflation is calculated around 23 percent) and 8 percent VAT are added.

Government Paid 3 Million TL in 479 Years

According to the Eurasia Tunnel agreement, the operating company ATAŞ A.Ş. was given 5 million 25 thousand vehicles pass guarantee per year as the starting year, with the condition of increasing 125 per thousand each year.

Since December 2016, when the tunnel was put into service, 3 million TL was paid to the company for 2017 years (18/19/479) in return for vehicle transit guarantee.

The cost of the pandemic is 472 Million TL

Closely following the developments related to the Eurasia Tunnel operation, IYI Party Local Administrations President Advisor, IMM Assembly Member Dr. Suat Sarı, for the year 2020; "With the decrease in vehicle passes due to the pandemic and high toll fees, a guarantee payment of 13 million TL will be made in 3 year for the guarantee amount given to the company for the first 1 years in return for 472 million vehicle passes that do not exceed a year."

"The Guarantee Number Will Not Be Reached Until 2041"

Dr. Suat Yellow, "As a result KDV + 4 dollar per vehicle tolls by the US inflation is too high a figure that accounts for individual car owners and company car in Turkey," he said.

IMM Council Member made the following determinations about the Yellow Eurasia Tunnel:

“The annual average increase in the number of automobiles in Istanbul is 5 percent. The fact that 2 percent of the vehicles entering the traffic pass through the tunnel is the highest percentage of vehicle increase to be achieved. Therefore, our calculations are based on a 2 percent increase.

If this increase policy is continued for the remaining 20 years and 5 months according to the contract, assuming with the most optimistic calculation that the number of vehicles will increase by 2 percent each year, the number of guaranteed vehicles will not be reached until 2041.

"2.5 Eurasia Tunnels Are Built With This Income"

When the number of 25 million 125 thousand annual vehicles is exceeded in the contract, the State receiving 30 percent transition fee for each increasing vehicle is an illusion that is a calculation error that cannot be realized.

In this context, in return for an investment of 1.24 billion dollars; At the end of the contract period, 2.79 billion dollars from the passing vehicles and 749 million dollars from the state as a transition guarantee, a total of 3.54 billion dollars will be collected. This shows that 2,5 Eurasia Tunnels can be built with the revenues obtained here. "

How Much is Paid in the World

Automobile tolls applied in underwater road tunnels in the world:

In the Seattle Tunnel of America, a toll of $ 1,25 is applied during peak traffic hours and $ 2,5 during off-peak hours.

The 2.4 km long The Kingsway Tunnel in Liverpool, England has a vehicle toll of $ 1.80.

$ 3 for vehicle passes at Sydney Harbor Tunnel, Australia… plus discounts for weekly and monthly subscriptions.

The Singapore Marina Coastal Tunnel fee of $ 08.00 is applied between 09.30 and 4 in the morning, decreasing to $ 09.30 from 17.00 to 3.

$ 2.95 in Japan Tokyo-bay Aqua Line Tunnel,

Hongkong Eastern Harbor Crossing Tunnel has a toll of $ 3.25.

Partner with Korea

Yapı Merkezi and the South Korean SK E&C companies have been half-partnered by Avrasya Tunnel Management Construction and Investment Inc. (ATAŞ), where a total of 1.24 billion dollars was invested in the project, 285 million dollars in equity and 960 million dollars in loans. The loans were obtained from the European Investment Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and Korea Eximbank. (Source: Sözcü)

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