Drug Capsules Caught in the Stomach of 3 People at Istanbul Airport

Drug Capsule Caught in Person's Stomach at Istanbul Airport
Drug Capsule Caught in Person's Stomach at Istanbul Airport

In the operation carried out by the Customs Enforcement Teams of the Ministry of Commerce at Istanbul Airport, 190 drug couriers were caught in which 2 grams of cocaine in 149 capsules and 24 grams of liquid cocaine in 630 transparent plastic were detected.

The Ministry of Commerce, Istanbul Airport, Customs Protection, Smuggling and Intelligence Directorate, within the scope of the efforts to combat drug trafficking, 3 couriers who wanted to engage in drug smuggling with the absorbing courier method were stuck at the guard barrier.

Carried out operations in three drug couriers with Turkey's entry in the stomach and interfere with blood as a result of the drug in the stomach as a result of failures to live blocked losing their lives.

Three foreign passengers coming from Colombia to Istanbul Airport were separated from the other passengers for detailed control and taken to the control point with their accompanying luggage.

During the preliminary check here, no illegal items were found in the luggage or on the passengers. However, the ongoing checks revealed an unusual stiffness in the passengers' stomachs.
Suspecting housing crews and passengers of the passenger-state attitude absorber used in the Istanbul Airport for the first time in Turkey was controlled by the detection device.

Here, suspicious density was detected in the stomachs of the persons and the persons were taken to the hospital for examination. In the examinations, drugs were detected in the stomach of one passenger, 110 in 80 capsules in another passenger and 24 in transparent plastic in another passenger.

The powder substance in these capsules, which came out of the stomach of 2 passengers, was found to be cocaine in the analysis made with a drug test device. The liquid substance contained in the transparent plastics coming out of the stomach of the other passenger was found to be liquid cocaine in the analysis performed with a drug test device.

As a result of successful operations conducted market value of about 2 million 834 thousand pounds, 3 kilograms 779 grams of the drug in capsule in the stomach, was taken into custody three couriers who want to put their lives in Turkey risked.

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