Connecting Eskişehir to the Ports Has a Critical Importance for the Future of the Industry

Connecting Eskişehir to the ports is critical for the future of the industry
Connecting Eskişehir to the ports is critical for the future of the industry

Economic Journalists Association (EGD) 'Economy of Turkey Speaks' Eskisehir Speaking at the event Chamber of Industry (ESO) President Celalettin Kesikbaş, underlined that it is critical for industrial future of connecting to Eskisehir's harbor.

egd'n which performs every weekend at the video platforms 'Economy of Turkey Speaks' event is in progress. Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce President Celalettin Kesikbaş, Kayseri Chamber of Industry Chairman Mehmet Sakarya Chamber of Commerce President and Büyüksimitç Ahmet Akgun in the program Altug join Turkey Federation of Journalists President were present Yilmaz Khan.

In the meeting moderated by EGD President Celal Toprak and EGD Board Member Mehmet Uluğtürkan, Eskişehir Chamber of Industry (ESO) President Celalettin Kesikbaş said that despite the pandemic, Eskişehir economy has performed well. Stating that Eskişehir, which has a job loss, has not experienced a significant loss in employment, ESO President Kesikbaş said, “90 percent of the planes are on the ground due to the pandemic. When the F 35 crisis was added to this, the most important sector in which Eskişehir took a share experienced serious difficulties in aviation. Even though universities were closed and tourism income decreased, Eskişehir economy was negatively affected, our city, which continues to produce with other sectors, has managed to export 2,5 billion dollars ”.

Southern Marmara Ring Road

Stating that Eskişehir's industrial history started with the railway workshops established in 1894, they wanted to invest in the future of the city by crowning the experience of more than a century in this field with the Alpu Rail Systems Specialized Industrial Zone, Kesikbaş said, “There is a 50 billion dollar purchase in this field. The National Rail Systems Research Center (URAYSİM) project will also be operational in mid-2022. Here, the tests and certification of vehicles towed and towed in rail systems at international standards can be carried out completely domestically, ”he said.

Drawing attention to Eskişehir's potential in mining, Kesikbaş stated that the boron mine, in which we have the largest reserve in the world, has not been utilized sufficiently and said, “We currently use it in detergent and hand cream. However, many of our minerals, especially boron, should be transformed into secondary, tertiary derivative materials. We want R & D within this framework to gain momentum ”. Stating that the city is experiencing difficulties due to the lack of ring road and highway, ESO President Kesikbaş said, “The Northern Marmara Ring Road has been completed. However, there is a need for the "South Marmara Ring Road" that will start from Çanakkale and cover Bursa-Bilecik and Eskişehir. In addition, Eskişehir wants a connection to Gemlik Port ”.

There are many opportunities in furniture

Kayseri Chamber of Industry President Mehmet Büyüksimitci stated that they broke the all-time export record in 2020 and said that they closed the last year with exports exceeding 2.6 billion dollars. Büyüksimitci stated that in the same period furniture exports from Kayseri broke a record with 700 million dollars and said, “I do not agree with the criticism of low value added in furniture. A Swedish company has a turnover of over 30 billion dollars. Turkey speaks the $ 4 billion in furniture exports. I think we have a lot more to go in this area, ”he said.

Explaining that moves are made to increase added value in Kayseri industry, KAYSO President Büyüksimitci drew attention to the developments in the machinery and mining sector and said, “Specialized Taksan puts its signature under successful products in CNC production both in the domestic and foreign markets. In addition, an investment of 1,5 billion TL is realized in the field of zinc in the mining sector. All these investments will bring along the rapid growth of Kayseri economy ”. Turkey's Konya, Kayseri and Aksaray created a new tell you to focus on producing basins Büyüksimitc, "the Central Anatolian Industrial Basin so by including the phrase that we of the basin to the Adana-Mersin and Hatay harbor we have to plan investments in this region. Kayseri, whose export exceeds 2,6 billion dollars, still has difficulties in transportation. We could not be connected to the highway. The fast train has not arrived yet. We have a logistics village project that we have been trying to complete for 12 years. "We will be able to make a greater contribution to the country's economy when we eliminate these shortcomings."

Step to relieve Kapıkule

Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Ahmet Akgün Altuğ emphasized that Sakarya was a producing and marketing city throughout history. Stating that the important part of the city's exports of 5 billion dollars belongs to products with high added value, SATSO President Altuğ said, “We conducted a '2030 Strategic Plan' study for Sakarya with the Governorship, Municipality, SATSO and related institutions. All institutions in the city are working within this plan. We continue to grow in sectors with high added value such as automotive, high-speed train and defense industry with 9 OIZs, most of which are specialized, ”he said. Sakarya not only made significant moves in the agriculture industry who told Anderson, "Turkey's hazelnut production yields are one of the highest in the city. In addition, we have come a long way in the cultivation of landscape ornamental plants in recent years. "Our tissue culture laboratory is working on virus-free seedlings," he said. Stating that one of the most important problems of Sakarya is the intensity of exports in Kapıkule, Altuğ said, “We have trucks waiting for 3 days due to the disruption caused by Bulgaria, not us. However, we need to evaluate the alternative of using Karasu Port in our exports to Europe and reaching different ports by direct roro. In this context, we want a 28-kilometer railway connection to Karasu Port, ”he said.


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