China Europe Train Expeditions Did Not Listen Outbreak, Increased By 50 Percent

Gin Europe train services did not listen to the epidemic, it increased
Gin Europe train services did not listen to the epidemic, it increased

Despite the prevalence of the Covid-19 pandemic and all logistical obstacles, 2020 freight trains were organized between China and Europe in 12.

According to the Chinese State Railways data, this number represents a 50 percent increase compared to the previous year. The number of freight trains exceeded 2011 thousand in 2020 for the first time since 10, when rail traffic between China and Europe began. This fact is a sign that the trading ability between the two in question can withstand difficult times.

Experts on the subject say that the bilateral investment agreement between China and the EU, which was successfully completed at the end of last year, will contribute to the further development of the trade between them. On the other hand, the number of containers transported between China and Europe via railways reached 1 million 130 thousand last year. This again corresponds to a 56 percent increase compared to the previous year. Meanwhile, the fact that at least a thousand freight trains move between these two every month is an indication of a new international cooperation model and a new understanding in the context of combating the pandemic.

Rail transport provided much more favorable conditions in a background where sea transport and air transport, which was prevented by the container shortage, faced increasing costs. Thus, for example, all kinds of goods from medical equipment products to daily needs could be delivered to the range on time and with stable costs.

In this way, the ability of trade activity between China and Europe to withstand harsh conditions was revealed. As a matter of fact, trade between China and the EU increased by 2020 percent in the January-November period in 3,5.

Cui Hongjian, Head of the European Studies Department at the China Institute of International Studies, told the Global Times that an average annual growth of 2-3 percent in trade volume between the two continents is a desirable target.

Source: China International Radio

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